Choice is more important than the effort

“I was afraid of the night, afraid of the dark.When all around was silence as of death coming like, I curled up in the corner, like a hedgehog, not breathing, trembling in the eyes filled with fear, at this time, I want to say to myself cry does not matter, then groping to find exports, the shell slough off, light a candle, light a.    Akiba felled spinning round and round children fly, autumn began to cry, looking out the window of a pool of muddy water in the world seems to have in this passage of the Yin Yu, accompanied by little I’m passionate thoughts together discharged autumn, autumn autumn Sharen autumn.    I have no buddies, no close friends, I know that my indifference rejected all passion.When a group of laughing portrait Braun birds across my ear, my heart indescribably lonely.Carnival group of people can not drown a people alone.    God gave me a brain and a pair of bohemian foolishness and thick lips, a word I do not want to say more.In the silence of the night, in the autumn misty, in front of friends, loved ones around..”- excerpt from my diary at that time a high time I was young, a top performance, all of a sudden transfer time, because my mother sick, so a lot of pressure, decreased performance, become withdrawn, like a loner.Later, not willing to show weakness chose science, the result of sleep every day in class, I do not understand what the teacher was saying.    I’m sorry, very lucky, very hard to find myself, I love the arts, the sciences they do not understand why I would not, so I try to learn science, which is what I do most foolish choice, I order gambling breath and chose to give up their love of the arts, and for some bother to learn science!    I am very sad, very sad, very sad, very desperate, because I made a wrong choice the most, I chose they are not good, not only the starting point lower than others, and, sitting as needle felt every day, experiencing heart torment!    I failed, failed badly, badly beaten after.Valuable is that I more than a few lessons, I catch up when I chose the University of favorite professional, favorite subjects, so I easily had long played in college, I made very good friends, buddies, every day in a good mood, smiling.    Life is really not owe us anything, but a lot of the time, our choice is wrong, the wrong choice of specialty, regret in his disdain; chose the wrong emotions, regret in his indifference; all these lessons flogging who I later life.    From now on, choose the life you want, not for a certain disdain, or something very superficial, in order to give an account of their parents, in order to go over the face, in the eyes of other people seem to choose some things for you.Net nightlife options, is really more important than the effort, like a ship, and only picked the right direction, he will reach the desired dark, all the efforts and sweat are worth it.    Today’s changing society, you thought about ordinary life, ordinary will encounter setbacks.You thought the best life, they will encounter the most damage.This world is very fair, you want the best, it will give you the most pain, can ran past, you are the winner, do not break the past, it is ordinary people obediently returned to do a bar.The so-called success, not to see how smart you are, do not want you to sell yourself, but see if you can ride out the storm with a smile.    Everyone has the right to choose their own way of life, clear yourself to become a person would choose, be strong, to choose their own way of life, choose their own pace of life, wisdom, determination and perseverance need!    I believe their choice, I did not get everything I loved, but everything I have, all my love!Make the most suitable choice, put in efforts to put strong, you will become the best you can!