Part one: If I were to choose a world was just to be with you once just to get together all the sweet and plaintive hundreds of millions of light years away in the moment in the moment so let’s all happening at the moment appears – Inscription love comes, good straightforward, straightforward make yourself feel this love to good rush.  You said to me: my life in the first roses to give you, in fact, I am also, in my life first roses, you gave me.That day, that place, that day, especially good – hospitals, November 11.I do not know God opened to me a joke, or you’re teasing me, I accept it, the rose, a rose is not red leaves.Love, I quietly near you.  Four years of college study career coming to an end, in the meantime, I look forward to my mind more than once, you suddenly appear in my eyes, whispered to me one: baby child, keep you waiting, I come, and I, is bound to give you a heavy fists on your chest, his mouth still more than once said: “I have been waiting for you for twenty years, all these years you have where to run the.”Then deeply hold you, then do not let go.Finally, you show up just when I’m about to lose patience for love, I just want to say goodbye to college when you come, so casual, and yet seems destined somewhere.  ”Little place” This phrase is now said to feel good soil, however, has only words to express the encounter between you and me.Twenty years, happened in the same year, the first time began to long hair, first began to wear high heels.And I just grew a hair, just adapt to wear high heels, you appeared, so prompt, so people caught off guard, perhaps, all in all, I’m ready for you.  All in all, it seems that in the prophecy, we’re together, together.  I, too, is how much hope you and I get together.  However, after you gave me so much hope, you said to me: “You make me uneasy.”.Often heard you say, my heart immediately if there is no sun sunflower, could not find the energy to find direction.In fact, I know, I have not officially graduated, went to where the future is still unknown, in fact, I want to hear you say: “They’re children, do not go away, and come to my side of it, we had our little lives belong together “.But, you do not, you just keep asking me, and you’ll go?  I do not know, I really do not know.I can only answer you.  Tomorrow you and me, who will choose, you, me, us?    Part II: decision childhood sky so pure, because your mind is clear and transparent; childhood memories so warm, because the mother is still very young.  Do not transparent and warm, as the horizon of life ronin Oh, broken kite.No longer seek vain return to the road and could not pull back away scenery.Winds blew away your hair, your long lightning shattered dreams, desire rain chapped land ah, who springs to read your heart?  Yesterday’s wonderful finished.Siyu quiet.  Examiner life came, naive and grim, spread out in front of you countless choice: You can cry, funny, struggle can be restrained, can do an angry bird, clever mouth can come Oriole, can describe the East dawn, west of the rainbow painted, you can view the spring breeze caressed the earth, hope the vast night passage of time.Choose to take the stars fall from the sky, travel resolution streams, clusters geese flying south, where your ultimate?  Over the years of many generations of ancestors, uh, somewhere quiet is good?Your choice is really not desirable.Can say goodbye to the blue planet, burning green card but also where to inject?Do you want to leave, they must silence; leave that is quiet, the silence is eternal!Nightlife Network autumn sky so pure, because your heart more transparent; autumn landscape so charming, because your choices down roots.  Out of the predicament quagmire, refresh misty sky, heal the bleeding wounds, cast sonorous life.The sea would read your mind!    Part Three: choose life is short, does not allow for ambiguity.When you are at a crossroads, and must make it clear, good choice!Before the choice, everyone’s emotions are painful, contradictory, confused, and need someone to indicate the direction of advance.However, a good horse hit the horses is rare, in most cases, can only rely on their own.Therefore, no matter how painful tough, no matter how complex contradictions, no matter how slim hope, he must hold, we can not lose confidence and courage to move forward!  When you put a star’s life is more important than our own, you really need to go back.Because any star has his own shortcomings, he has shown nothing but his advantage, or is amplified by the media advantage, giving him nothing more hype.Why should we desperately to chase them, but to lose your advantage or that of a potential for it?  When you love someone when you thought?The other party is not the same like you, like you?If not, then, that the pain of unrequited love to repeat itself, you should go back.Because feelings can not be forced, like a person, you must be willing to pay, asking nothing in return, and be happy and proud of his progress.For the men pretty beauties who are in the stage of love, emotional ups and downs is understandable, but for an old married couple has been married in it, you do not remind you: cut the Gordian knot, do not waste time!Because you are living to the burden, obligations and responsibilities can not be set aside!  People of every age, needs and interests differ.Before decisions must be based on their actual situation, not blindly comparisons and the pursuit of!I did not have the conditions to achieve something, you blind comparisons, can only add more trouble; because you never get something, and then you desperately seek, in vain!The best way to balance the mind, is to own longitudinal comparison with the past now, so that they understand: their own efforts, fought, hard work too, has been pretty good, you should be satisfied!Let the future generations to strive for it!  In real life, so many outrageous and against the initiatives appear, is not wrong with the choice about it?Worth pondering!    Part Four: choose to walk alone in this vast land, I was so small, rotated 360 degrees, every corner is so bright and sunny.- Inscription back in time, the same sky, the same time.Tis the clouds watching the horizon, I called out your name, look forward to your presence.You smile, with a burning heart came up to me, you piece of walking, pointing to the horizon clouds, said: No matter where you go, I will always accompany you, I know what you need, I will not let you feel alone.This is enough to make me listen to the words choking, tears have filled my eyes, I looked sideways and parallel I walk you say: Thank you!Meet with you, I do not regret.When a cool breeze blowing, you and I once again looked up at the clouds that piece of walking, she did not at first as the United States, she was not bright, she lost her original style.You see the corner of my subconscious that lost look, you do not hesitate to use strong arms to hug me, still in the same tone, said: No matter how old you get, no matter where you land, I I will stay by your side, and you grow old, and you spend the sunset time, and you come to the end of life.My tears have not controlled soon turned into a thousand words: thank you!When I was still enjoy this belongs to you my time, I feel suddenly lost focus, sideways to take advantage of the power of your fleet you walk in the distant horizon, can not grasp.It turned out that we had to walk each in two parallel lines far apart, but why in this area there is also apart of the heavy rain, see your location, looming.World great, why meet your perspective is so blurred, my heart hurts!it hurts!In that moment to meet with you, I know this love is like a cloud the horizon, there will be dispersed that day, I also know that you love will be a never ending story, I do not want to hurt you, I want to you sing “better not meet,” but you stop me, because you move, I lost myself, I lost the way.Today, walking in the country, trying to get along with you forget time, however, it is already unable to erase the traces, but life must go on, I can only all this into 365 days of blessing toward 360 degrees in different directions, praying that the sun will bless the horizon that have been sent up to your cold heart: bless you!I wish you well!  Life is too short to meet with you, no regrets.People use the time to forget the past, but I make time to witness, my love for you will not be ready to light dies, I would like to turn into Bana to meet you in the sky.    Part Five: decision yet off the coat, winter jasmine already unable to bear, first sporadically and later clusters, and it was not the last large tracts.Go afar, full of eyes are yellow, bee tempted a few wake up early in the morning to night and stay together with these flowers, a few stray dogs also pleased to overtake along for the ride, all these dogs do not slip autumn gray , formed a lock of fur son, there is formed a lump, like a garbage heap homeless hair, but these did not affect the efforts they have done for their own children, they all look elongated nose , sniffing each other, that little bitch twenty-three tightly tucked tail, will have to find a Mr. Right in your own mob in this group, few are more cautious dog fear that they lost their way, quickly went to the flower under the mark left, he turned around and invested in the chase.  Roadside already mottled walls, bare brick, just like her reddened face, added a night shift, she just wanted to return to the dormitory bath to bed rest, can over and over again, but how could not sleep, even not the slightest sleepy.She really regret, regret accepted the gift shop director, and now how to do it?To give up, as if unwilling, I recall the days of the past few years, she was afraid.Junior high school graduation, she worked as a shopping guide, worked as a cashier, not to be wages are low, new husband, and also his junior high school students, and even junior high school did not graduate, is now open truck to help a distant relative, throughout the year, often running in the field, not enough to earn their own spending.In addition to the wedding couple the first few days after a few days comfortable life, he was immediately pulled back to the harsh reality of life.  Some time ago she was introduced to the field a factory, a large-scale factory, she is doing ordinary workers, although tired, but pay has improved compared to the past, back to the dormitory after work every day she felt the fullness of life, or even look at her to hope in life.May the last time a few days to work overtime, workshop director in her going to work when she called the office to say to her, this time, she did it very well, and gave her a beautifully wrapped box to recognize and reward , but in her case when the director is not just intentionally or unintentionally in her hand pinched.Did not care, she only knew, when out of the office, a few overtime sisters together as if to whisper something, found that after her, did not immediately sound, only the face contempt.Back to the hostel after waiting for someone else to sleep, she silently opened the package in the bathroom, director sent her was actually a dress, a very expensive dress, skirt very beautiful, but very fit, the mirror of her just like the noble princess, who can not see that she is a country girl junior high school graduation.She was intoxicated, but did not think so Why dress fit.The next day, still on his way to the workshop, she and saw a stocky figure trembling at her coming, walking and stroked only a few locks of hair, accompanied by her sisters and automatic distance aside from the flash of the past, “skirts also fit it, not how to wear it?”She said as he looked up and down, she was going to say thanks to the words, but the right place to stay but mung bean eyes made her very embarrassed.Hindsight she finally realized what a moment, she was ignorant like, what she said is completely not remember, just seem to remember, director gave her a chance to prepare to go to the head office training, came back, you can do to the office of the Assistant Director, wages will be doubled, and gave her another arrangement a single dormitory.A lost soul, she did not notice the eyes of others.Back to the dormitory, she lay in bed, and sat up, then he stood up and walked to the window, opened the window and let the cold wind make their own calm down and think carefully about how to do.The winter jasmine is still bright outside the window, a few stray dogs that had disappeared without a trace, perhaps they go and look at it as a quiet, so as not to be disturbed, leaving only the mottled red brick walls, bare chested.    Part VI: own choice often calm down, that they will not help but want to write about natural.  Now is a season of rebirth, outside of wicker tree sprouted, the tree from time to time in the play of the birds, I opened that window before the desk, saw the scene in front, could not help but think of the birds in this season chose green with vibrant vitality place to stay play, for them is more than a good choice ah!  Today this type of society, how many people’s mouth saying: “society is too complex, too dark society”, in fact, think small, simple social complex but shame.When people choose to give up the bright, he chose to go dark.So, a wise choice will determine the future of a people, but will decide on a social ethos.  It has been widely circulated there is such a fable: there is a poor scholar, he was very young when his parents died, he was able to let his Master Master of life, it is hard to read; luck is not the result of this scholar well, it takes a knowledge of the stomach nor admitted, let alone an officer, while others shit test article was the first name when a high official.  He was very angry and wanted to go to the temple to find the fairy to find what was going on, you said happened, he’s really just to see the gods.He asked the gods, said: “God, ah, why I had plenty of knowledge of a stomach but not when Shangguan na” gods answered him, saying: “You are destined to be the tribune tube”.The scholar wonder, said: “This is why”?God gave him two packets, said: “When are you going to put it on the two small bag of things wrong through, you Shashi Hou will get his” finish the sentence gods left.  Immortal left, in which a packet scholar opened, and wrapped inside a stone word ‘stone is not stone, this also Yu’, then open another packet scholar, Yu and wrapped inside a sentence, ‘non-jade jade this holy stone ‘scholar left look right look, just do not understand the truth, he returned to his residence.Holding a small bag of stones and jade scholar analyzed every day, but I could not see what wonders.  Such a transient is two years, the scholar has become a family, and had a wife, there is a lovely son.One day, his son a bag of stones which play out, believe it will rock out of the ground, and no scholar looked angry, his son would go and pick up the stone, the miracle happened, this humble original stone jade became a crystal clear, the original surface of the stone wrapped in a thick layer of skin, through the skin son so Yishuai cast off, Yu scholar immediately fell again another packet on the ground, the results wrapped inside a stone; scholar feeling of being fooled, went to the theory that the gods and see what the gods give explanation.  He took the stone and jade came originally came to that room door of the temple, the temple door that says such a couplet, the Alliance is: non-jade jade to make false Shinya second line is: I do not know jade stone is a stone at the scroll reads is: fateful choice.Scholar suddenly realized: official mad when young, to the old look to non-official, but in the wrong direction crossroads of the year.  As can be seen from this simple story, whether it is official or when the people, the most important thing is to recognize the situation to distinguish between true and false, the slightest mistake will come to naught.In particular, we do work with contemporary youth in choice of spouse direction more carefully, too easy to be wrapped jade stone to Kengpian.  The future belongs to us, your choice is an important small you can change their destiny, you can change a large organization, a social atmosphere, let us use our brains which coupled with hard hands to create a better tomorrow motherland!    Chapter Seven: Life choices will be faced with a choice many times, at the crossroads of life, will hesitate wandering, indecisive, on balance, in order to achieve maximization of the value of life.  But we are human, after all, can not know five hundred years ago, after decades of know things.A lot of things can not predict the result would be like a few years later, can not accurately grasp the direction in life, so life will face a choice time and time again.Each person’s heart has a say, to see how his heart positioning, also said that happiness because people only.Each person’s pursuit, the choice will be different.  But I believe I am saying: “blessings in disguise Forest, Fu Xi disaster by V.”Curse and blessing interdependent, can be transformed into each other.Bad result can lead to good results, good things can also lead to bad.Some things may seem at the moment is a good thing, but a few years later, after a confirmed time, you would think that his choice is wrong; some things may seem frustrated at the moment, but a few years later, you will appreciate the results of the original, and have actually considered lucky.So, since we can not predict how things develop in the future, do not deliberately, trying to think of brains to go.The saying goes: “Man proposes, God disposes.”As long as we work hard, seize the opportunity to do it, regardless of the outcome, are not going to regret it, complain, just go, go with the flow.As the saying goes: man-made financial death, dead birds for food.Look hee hee are all benefits to the world, are all benefits to Rangrang.A “profit” confused our lives.But look at the issue from several different angles, sometimes money is not necessarily a good thing.While living life one can do without the money, but do not be fooled by the money entirely, hold share of the poor, to endure loneliness share.  Any matter there may be only two results, one is good, one is bad, each accounted for fifty percent chance of.Everything is so.One thing happens, it may be good, there may be bad.Infinitely close to a good thing and a bad thing infinitely close to good and bad is what we call good nor bad thing.This kind of thing is good or not to belong to a class of.Visible things I really want to say that fortune can be transformed into each other, because that is the good non-bad, that is a blessing or a curse, and only two possibilities, the balance will favor one side, not in equilibrium not bad the probability is very small.Mouth is what we often say a few words: “the only process, not the result of heavy.”” Only heavy work, not to receive.”Because there are many things we can not control the outcome and the result is that the process of re-do, trying to, there is no regret, no regrets.Even if that side is gold and silver mines, officials thick busy, infinite beauty, we are not jealous, because that does not belong to us.Only the best of yourself, only your competitors.  So crossroads in life, when we are faced with choices again and again, do is to do their best efforts, go with the flow.Whether it is the right choice, wrong, do not hammer head and shoving foot, extremely self-blame.To calm life, indifferent, Enron.    Part VIII: Choice June 15 fishing ban started, do nothing, repair tools, mending their nets, rope change, the last is the maintenance of the ship, but also open to dock there for ship inspection, sailors are on holiday , leaving me myself, because I was outside, can only stay on board, the ship track, have set up a high one, I’m fine to sleep on it, and then not to smoke, four months I did not spend one minute the money had come, I am not wages, they wanted to hide for a while, mysteriously went to the sea, it is really not a human doing manual labor, even a woman can not see, every day, cold fish, who knows which is the mother of it.This does not smoke no longer drink, said the captain may raise some money, lonely pier red light district can also find Miss, no one can control you, I have the idea, you can see the tile when the blue sea, it does not mention interest in the only begged the captain to leave some beer and cigarettes on board, it can be considered to save money, the time had come in vain and tender, through wind and hot sun, nor shines through the mirror, I do not know myself what look like childhood never seen the sea before they came very excited, captain Zou Zou Wen see me the way I am not afraid in the halo of a ship bought me some medicine, but unfortunately useless, I mean a little faint of no use captain very happy, in fact, I know that means you can do a lot of live.  September and is available to the sea, there is a long period of time to stay in the dock, many foreign sailors on board during the day and sleep at night went to red-light district, a few acquaintances in the sea always invited me to go, what to say life is short and timely pleasure, I just smiled in silence.Pier too hot during the day, can only hide in the cabin, the sun sets high tide, I disembark, go swimming dock in the harbor, although not as deep sea waters Bay house clean, but bar a Mengzi also can see a very clear those jellyfish like a big mushroom, Hushanhushan, like breathing, like, to fall into that jellyfish can grow as big as the Round Table, and venomous, with not fatal, but will stick in the hands of allergies very sick, that is I learned later.  Sit at sea level, look at the lights on the pier gradually lit, suddenly no longer feel this vast expanse of the sea, with patches of memory brought a burst of deep confusion, exposure to repeat itself here of small, luxury of forgetting, only looking in the wine, a quiet life away from home in this fishing village, it was good, a familiar face will not happen again, so quiet, so harmonic meaning.But it is true what can really choose what, in fact, the subconscious is very clear, this is an absolute escape, complex and contradictory self-condemnation, children will be coming in fall.Reality, discouraged, warned so vulnerable.If you choose to face, if the face does not hesitate.  Everyone is so clear, just understand that action in the hands of a dream, has been used to chase, without implementing.Is going to rain, mother will get married right!  Perhaps it will not be the end of it, people like me illusions really is a sin.    Chapter Nine: There are choices in one’s life choices many times, and every time is critical, related to the merits of the road ahead in life, career success or not.Every time faced with such difficult choices, people have sweaty palms, after repeated discretion, only determined to bet here, but my heart is always so nervous.Because it relates to a person’s fate, but also the life of a bet, a move worthy of the tough choices.  Life is constantly in this decision, step by step came to be.Adolescence, in pursuit of their studies, looking forward to have a good professional learning to realize their life aspirations, career achievements.Some choices are right, sometimes wrong.This is because the life experience shallow, lack of social awareness, to understand things, affected by negative factors, a step in the wrong choices on major decisions, into orbit on another life, but only along this Road go all the way, they want to choose a new route, it was too late also become a lifetime of regret.Examples of this are many, young people probably have this experience, so the choice of life is difficult, and it is very important.Step wrong, wrong life, life is irretrievably lost, this is a lifetime of regret.  Choice in marriage life, men and women a lifetime event, success is a happy marriage of choice, the wrong choice is painful life.However, we hope everyone has a happy marriage and a happy family.Faced with such major life choices, it should be carefully considered, not as a trifling matter, once the choice down, life will be bet on it.In the old days, mercenary marriage, arranged marriages, young people no autonomy in marriage, despite around the parents, this situation with the development of social progress have been eliminated.Under the National Marriage Law was promulgated, the complete eradication of this malady.Young people are now free love, through a long period of interaction, communication, understanding each other, understanding, from personality to thorough training and understanding of family economic background, the establishment of a genuine love relationship only after the establishment of marriage.In this decision, the number of young people into the childhood of happy family.However, there are many young people for fun, for the moment the blood impulse, easily chose a lifetime love affair, divorce is final and the end of the love affair, led to a lifetime of mental anguish.This is due to consider carefully the consequences of blindly choice of marriage.Such errors choice for both men and women and their families and children is a kind of injury is fatal wounds.This is a wrong choice in life of adverse consequences, affecting the surrounding people, relatives and friends, and also his lifetime of regret.So, in the event of marriage life, to take a serious attitude, a spirit of responsibility to deal with, do not take a joke marriage event, such a mistake life choices who can not afford to hurt.  In the life business is an important part of life.The right career choice can be said that a lifetime benefit, Zoran achievements, brilliant, fame.The wrong choice is another kind of results, busy life, nothing, regret for life.The result is that no one wants to see.In business, since we chose this industry, this work, we must dedicate themselves, make every effort to do the job, so to recoup their losses wrong choices.It can be said to be wrong, to turn the tide, to reduce losses to a minimum point.Sometimes, it will become swan song, a blessing in disguise, blessing in disguise.This example is also a lot of.In any case, since we walked up the industry, it is necessary to change the original ideas, change from passive to active, actively adapt to the working environment, to make achievements in the industry, as a professional staff member.And those who always complain conflict to settle old scores, always fighting, Time waits for the result, over time, a great moment of youth in the past, can not reverse the course of events, mediocre life, career did not succeed, and he is with time It goes by the stage of history, so you can say absolutely not worth, only to his own hurt injured Bale.Such a practice can be said, and people already were negative.  Later in life, everyone will be faced with many choices, no matter what, go through careful consideration, analysis, the most reasonable probability of success great choice as a starting point.Because, time of life is particularly precious, never, is not available again.No more weight to chance in life, so every decision related to the vital interests are related to the success or failure of the cause of life, in such an environment requirements, we should be very very prudent for good.Less a failure, a little more chance of success.  Choice easier said than done, but it is related to a person’s life.Success or failure is under the line of suspense, a correct choice a lifetime.People sometimes it is haste, less speed, anxious often fall short in the end, this has a direct relationship with the choice.Live your life, the right choice, make a little more success, experience less frustration beautiful life, life to draw on the successful close.