Chongyang Shangju

Chongyang Shangju October, days of high air is crisp, the mountains and plains of the daisy opened, I could not help but think of ornamental chrysanthemum youth of laughter.It was October, I was in fifth grade in mid-1950 in the village primary school.One day, language teacher wants us to spend as wrote essays, it requires three days to complete.The next morning, I and several classmates went together to the school garden.I saw a big flower garden Thank you, chrysanthemum Yi Keke only shake out in the cold.I was moved by the occasion, wrote a “daisy-like”, said a cold and windy, the flowers wither, except chrysanthemums in full bloom, bright flowers, fragrance was very hot, it is away.Although I did not write “under mining Ju Dong, leisurely to see the mountain,” Yaxing, but give praise language teacher, I was flattered, since I fell in love with Daisy, in both the old and the interest is not reduced.Chung Yeung Festival arrived, I suddenly remembered picking mulberries Chairman Mao’s “Double Ninth Festival”: “Life is hard old Yi God, but each Double Ninth Festival, Double Ninth today.”I feel excited, filled with emotion, the passage of time, feel seventy and five.    Chongyang, how can I do this year too?Mission Park depression at the remote, conduit freely, no place to climb, but Tuanbowa autumn days of high winds, scenic, chrysanthemum fragrance, I was “too Shangju Chongyang” it!Get up early in the morning, I walked out of the room, facing the east, a red gushing out, I leisurely stroll in the campus area.School flower beds, scattered in every corner of the campus, walking to see me, looking for the garden chrysanthemums, I saw a large here, there a few clusters, there are many potted chrysanthemum, I am dizzying.Garden chrysanthemums, shapes, colorful, very dazzling.There are golden yellow, yellow duck, purple, white, orange.Some budding, some contests, some like a group of small ball, and some like a hedgehog, and some resemble sunflowers, some slightly curled edge, overlapping layer after layer, really beautiful!The fragrance of chrysanthemum, intoxicates me, I seem immersed in Wonderland; chrysanthemum fragrance, the flowers attract butterflies, bees collecting nectar on flower petals, a good pair of beautiful sight!The most attracted me was Master Liu cultivated 1000-ju, leafy, fragrant, white flowers blossoming, disdain the sky, so I linger.1000-ju is a open as early as chrysanthemums, autumn brings its first breath to the people.1000-ju long flowering period, from mid-August to mid-October after another flowering.    1000-ju roots is very large, densely grown in pots, both prescribe every branch roots flower and grow new stems, flowers opened new stems from older stems not from time to time and blossom, so a pot of 1000-ju able to open many, many flowers, with flowers to describe is not too much, therefore I call it the 1000-ju.1000-ju of duck-shaped leaves are small, dark green.1000-ju of the most striking flowers, white 1000-ju, like a flower so the size of a dollar coin; one thousand golden chrysanthemum, yellow flower center, on the edge of the petals extending radially to the surrounding , blossoming flowers in full bloom in the air, like thousands of small flowers golden sun.Every morning, a faint smell of medicine nostrils, intoxicating, carried away.Daisy is one of China’s top ten flowers, it is a great ornamental value of flowers, but also a variety of health functions.According to the drug book records: whites and yellows can be used as medicine, but also tea, dried in the sun can do pillow core, eyesight remove the fire, heat and toxic effects.Especially the 1000-ju, she does not need too many nutrients and greenhouse, as long as every day it poured some water, it will beautiful flowers and fragrant scent dedicated to the people.Not only that, it is the oldest open chrysanthemum varieties, have courageously rushed, not far behind, disdain for the valuable qualities of beautiful and fragrant flowers, so people like it very much.    Autumn Chrysanthemum so beautiful, I leaves from blooming chrysanthemums, deeply felt brilliant life, after winter breeding and spring bathing, accumulation of summer, chrysanthemums in full bloom with brilliant life in the howling autumn, late autumn embellishment “not spring, is worth a pound spring.”.· As Yuan Zhen “Chrysanthemum” poem: “not in favor chrysanthemum flowers, flowers do not spend more.”Daisy makeup wrapped, clean and elegant, so our hearts to be purified, tenacious constancy chrysanthemum, vigorous, our interpretation of the true meaning of life.