Zhan Huang failed to reverse the Knights 35 points 53 points Blazers 11-game winning streak with two guns

  Beijing on March 16, Trail Blazers 113-105 at home to repel the Knights。
  Trail Blazers (42-26) made 11 in a row。 CJ- 迈克科伦姆 scored 29 points, Damian – Lillard 24 points and nine assists, Morris – Huck Royce 17 points, Al – Aminu 11 points。   Cavaliers (39-29) failed comeback。
LeBron – James scored 35 points, 14 rebounds and six assists, Kyle – Kyle Korver 19 points, Jeff – Green 16 points。   Ranked third in western pioneers。 And in this race, the Pacers defeat the east, the eastern third knight to return。
  The third and third in the contest, the Knights did not account for all the cheap, after defeated, letting them come and go sit in hot places。 Blazers third place has been relatively stable。 [] [] A game like this, who would not give up easily。
In particular pioneer, first clash of the season when they lost to the Cavaliers on the road, back home, they aim at revenge。
  Both sides feel good, opening on a large scale exchange that。 After the first section of 3 minutes to play, Kyle Korver hit three-pointers, leading the Cavaliers to 11-7。 Huck Rice fired back dunk, then hit the third, the Blazers quickly overtake。
The score has shown a stalemate, Aminu hit a buzzer of this section, the two sides battle 29-29。   Blazers very stable, especially at home, in the past 17 games to win 16 games and averaged double-digit win。 Today, they remain hot state, the second was to widen the gap。
In this section there are 2 minutes 02 seconds, 迈克科伦姆 thirds vote, they lead to 55-46。 After two minutes the two teams are not shooting competition at the foul line, the Blazers to maintain our edge。
When more seconds in this section, James was hit a record buzzer, the Cavaliers to 54-59 behind。   James scored 22 first half points and six rebounds, and Kyle Korver had 10 points, Knight 3-pointers in only 14 shots。
  Blazers third hit rate is not high, 5 of 16 shooting, but there have been three players in double figures。 迈克科伦姆 15 minutes, and Huck Lillard 10. Rice each。   The third quarter and 8 minutes and 16 seconds, Huck Rice hit a ball, leading the Blazers to 73-62。
James consecutive field goal, but after three minutes they failed to score。 迈克科伦姆 and Lillard hit third in succession, to expand the Trail Blazers to a 81-66 advantage。
While James led the team to the field struggling to catch up, the first three quarters still 77-88 behind Knight。   Trail Blazers in the fourth quarter after the re-opened the gap to 98-83。 Korver also to third, attacking the basket, James, the Cavaliers will narrow the gap to 10 points。
Them the opportunity to narrow the gap to single digits, but has since been missed。
  Knight still got a chance, when the game 1 minute 34 seconds, Clarkson thirds vote, they only 105-110 behind。
After Lillard shot, Clarkson third shot, but this time missed。
  Knight continuous, James also missed a driving layup。
Competition also seconds Lillard throws three balls, Portland seal the victory。 (Angkor)。