Chopsticks has a soul

Just walking, I was interested in chopsticks.Once, to escape her mother’s eyes, he grabbed a chopstick, pleasant to the one in your mouth, not taste the taste, tumble, chopsticks Chuojin mouth, my tongue suddenly swollen like a small red lantern.Parents horrified: “This child will not be dumb?”.I challenge the consciousness bones cast, not afraid, early skillfully operate the chopsticks.    By genetic mother, I was a true left-handed, but left with chopsticks but was prevented daddy.When used right hand holding chopsticks, and most consistent, so eat; no parents “dinner” command, not Dongkuaizi; not allowed to pick up the chopsticks laughing; pointing others can not use chopsticks: chopsticks respectful to my father, give us set the rules hinder each other.and many more.    At that time, small children at home, my mother will manage, no problem of food and clothing, but three meals a day to boost people still do.Dinner, the whole family sitting tightly in front of a small table, five pairs of chopsticks light to quickly circling dish, between jobs, the kids can not wait to grab the hands of chopsticks into a small, all the delicious for its own use.    When the three years of famine, rural relatives help, my family has food to eat, but also “for the mouth toad small fry”.I have learned to understand the mind of adults, dinner, Mom and Dad to see the hands of the chopsticks in between paella cruising, even lying on the table and rest, I will slow down the rhythm of eating, let the brothers and sisters.Once school late, after lunch I got home.Mother said: “left you confused bowl of porridge (made with cornmeal porridge and vegetables), in the pan,” I quickly ran to the kitchen, grabbed the chopsticks, opened the lid, with a pot sitting empty bowl.Yet fullness of much of my brother secretly rations.I suddenly lost home boss demeanor, crouched beside the bed, wept bitterly.Mother hastily made a bowl of porridge, ended in front of me, I always see clutched chopsticks, he smiled and said: “hungry, eat chopsticks”.    ”More than a pair of chopsticks” is often a metaphor very much to eat, resident who.But a pair of chopsticks at different times, have different components.    The sixties and seventies, shortage of materials, a limited supply of daily necessities, home to more than a pair of chopsticks, the whole family to eat at least a few chopsticks.So, people want to relatives, friends say, can be a relative, a friend once door, hospitality meals is pressure in the master mind of stone.We were wrong in your home, of course, do not know leading a poor expensive.Guests are coming, very happy, lively ah, it is also possible to improve the food.Guests wishing to leave, parents often have to retain, but to retain a sense of proportion is different, loved ones must stay close to eat or even retain, no matter how difficult, to others, just polite.Our solution which parents ask a guest to knowledge, as long as Mom and Dad said the sentence: “to eat dinner and then go,” we will jump on the bandwagon, holding the thigh, is holding clothes, and even other people’s bags, hats hide, he could not move the guests.Hey, is really a disservice to live ancestors.Until hospitality rights have been deprived of Mom and Dad, we did not invent tamper.    Mom and Dad always cherished respect for chopsticks.In June 1979, the seriously ill father has liver ascites, difficulty eating.See my mother brought the whole family like dumplings, he struggled to get up, little by little, frail body adjusted at the table, to be sat, he was solemnly picked up the chopsticks, one by one to eat, did not forget babbling his mantra: “it’s life, is to see the pro chopsticks”.That was the last meal of dumplings father of life.Chopsticks has more meaning in the hands of mother.She had a habit of eating, often stabbed at the hands of chopsticks at the dinner table, the chopsticks to flush any time convenient to pick up falling one meter on the table, a satellite dish.In the two days before the death of eighty and two years of her consciousness slight trance, but still trembling pick up the chopsticks, the side of the bowl of a small grain of rice a pick up.    See him again, never see it on the table neatly placed five pairs of chopsticks, chopsticks master, and left me and my sister, one in the south, one in the north.    Today the family of chopsticks has been gorgeous, carrying families to come out from the heavy food and clothing, the food and the people with taste, the taste of family, friendship taste.    A few years ago, the children moved into their own happiness nest, the family only my husband and I.Dinner, we both sit Gezhuo phase, be with us, beside a picture of a vacant chair.    ”Multiple pairs of chopsticks” is how desirable thing ah.    A child back, the extra three pairs of chopsticks.Granddaughter of children chopsticks very fashionable, is connected to two upper, middle, there is a ring finger in circles, you can use.Granddaughter’s little hands can not freely grasping things, and actually bigger way we eat, prompting a startled laugh incessantly.Grandchildren very happy, but rare in every day.    Relatives, and more than a few pairs of chopsticks.I make every effort to busy cooking exhibition.Ramble, laughter, chopsticks wipes each dish, I get the greatest satisfaction.Phylogenetic adjourned very happy, but there is a rare day.    Friends often around, no need to worry, “many pairs of chopsticks”.However, now meet with friends, the emphasis is to eat out, eat at home?Corny.    I like to browse a wide range of chopsticks, slowly look, and makes a product, sipped and sipped, I think of our parents.Inseparable two chopsticks, much like our father and mother ah.Whether they are simple and minimalist or ornate and colorful, whether tall or handsome twisted wretched, no matter Jinyu out the door first, or from the forest, the grass, always go hand in hand shoulder to shoulder.In front of us, they are sideways, vertically, lying down, standing up, knock, touch, do not care, do not stop, do not plan one taste.Leaving no piece point affair.Every day we touch the body temperature, evaluate our food and clothing, try to figure out our preferences, check pick up our physical, explore our emotions.We can hold anything against them, but they will never abandon us.    I thank my chopsticks, it gives me a wonderful life.    March 7, 2014