Chord Voice – “Lin Ching prose” San discipline

– “Lin Ching prose” San □ Zhang Xiao Ji Lin Ching reading some of the Essay, is often too irresistible volume, Xing to read to hand hastily, “a phrase on the lot” page in the book eyebrow angle, when read again, more feel fun, such as the string of finish, endless, so put together a mottled text, that the sound of the chord, is the title. – Inscription when finishing bookcase head touched “Lin Ching prose”, could not help but take down rolled.I thought this turn, but from which come out of the next sheet.Sheet like a butterfly, as if to take my thoughts flew back that far in the past. This is a thirty-two?Size, slightly yellowish white amorphous row letterhead, letterhead a paragraph on the back surface of the carbon pen.This is the text of the inscription of this now.(Read the article Net:.sanwen.COM) After reading this, know that this is a readily discipline, discipline has thought about this for five years when Sapporo wanted to write reading notes when reading was not written.When another look at this collection of essays, the book has some really eyebrow page corners sentence hastily, the time is between May 2003 Zhi Liuyue.Now reread somewhat of flavored, so this record one by one in chronological order, for the tunnel article. 1 teenager is not ignorance. When the boat into the sea of life from the ideas of the dead, then they would feel themselves truly ignorant. At that time, life was setting sun has begun.(Read “Youth Tour”) 2 When a person’s heart, love, when, as if the world is full of love.In fact, this is the passion of youth or will youth; when a man entered middle age or middle-aged, able to maintain such a state of mind, as is the great fortune of life! Shortcoming is the love of power, defects (imperfect) is beautiful, but needs a different angle to gaze, a different mood to polish a peace of mind.When you find love perfected, it can not be far from the grave. Read many things can not be expressed in words, the feeling is also the same; when a person endlessly tell their feelings to another person, like open bottle of wine resting for a long time, it will lose flavor and mellow wine. (Read “warm song”) 3 learn to appreciate life more important than learning. Pain after (read “hotel”) before the past 4 years old, ten years. Flawless toast every night, and the king who is willing to drink? (Read “the life of an incense”) only 5 people to leave home for a long time, really know the nostalgia, homesickness know. Ask the world what is what nostalgia?Many people actually make life difficult to give up! (Read “trumpeter in the moonlight”) 6 recently a person alone, more and more want to drink, often drank alone: or binge drinking, or for drinks, or awake or drunk. Drinks with mood, as a kind of realm to drink. Harvest heavy (read “warm pot of moonlight drinks”) 7, is so people breathe. Farmers bitterness now, what words can express? (Read “baskets”) 8 When I close my eyes, pull or turn off the lights when not in life felt cramped space feel infinite stretch the mind.Idea turned out to be so active, diverse imagery, passion surging. Carefully I think one of these is the emotion of it escapism! (Read “Four Books of Light” 9 world what it is eternal?Perhaps there is nothing eternal, only “historical” existence. The universe, there are those timeless yet?They are the stars? (Read “star down the Nile”) 10 civilized humanity’s greatest failure is the so-called modified crops: production continues to climb, declining quality. (Read “Ajinomoto”) 11 Read this, I can not help but laugh and then spray – while they think of a word: utter sincerity. The scent of life, than this. A man of taste than this. If a man has made their own taste, is not it can be called successful? To be a first-class diners will not be easy, but to burn their own hands one or two of their own favorite dish is a pleasure to eat. (Read “Gourmet Notes”) 12 Huan Qing seems that only in their own minds inside to look for the.It was not a transformation of the secular realm diem. (Read “Qing Huan”) 13 reading this text, I am deeply apologetic heart, and can not help but want to repent.The greatest wisdom in the things around, but we have no intention to “see”; most classic of truth for ordinary people’s words and deeds, but we disagree (because there is no gorgeous packaging, to the indifferent), forget the “chew”. With a grateful heart, “WTO”, therefore often touched by life, life is touched! (Read “look forward to his father’s smile”) 14 people come into the world, few people can escape fame who, out of utilitarian word, whether you are a good worth mentioning, bad worth mentioning. Utilitarian word, life is really great compassion robbery! (Read “release Bird”) 15 when a person feel calm water, this water is a mirror Hong, can be projected from the pros and cons have life; this time is sensible, rational.When a person feel the ups and downs, emotional bank had squashed possible; as long unspoken undercurrent, that pays top academics, loss of life of innocent character. Firm is a quality, but also a variety of soft. Fit the existence of strong brutal, soft, suitable for housing the soul. When a person’s thought as soft as Chi Yu, life will fly only to the soul for freedom. The old saying: the world of Zhirou, gallop the world matter to Kennedy.Can be described as a philosophy of survival, using modern language is a kind of dialectical materialism. World, already indifferent absolutely firm or soft.It is or it is only the perception of our souls. (Read “the pure lotus”) is 16 to overcome their own to overcome their own desires, as well as secular utilitarian; but also to endure loneliness and isolation, and even humiliation; but also to withstand the lure into the Red sensual love affair. Only in this way, it will not give up integrity, to reach the ideal of the other side. (Read “charcoal and incense”), “Lin Ching prose” This anthology of writing, mostly in their eighties of last century creation.In the preface this collection of “writing culture and the culture of writing”, the floor Mr. Zhao Ming says: “Taiwan writer Lin Ching is the most prolific and productive one, but also get various literary prize up a.Shortly after the fourth decade been four dozen works published up.Especially in the late eighties the average book published annually more than twenty-three.”. This collection is Zhejiang Literature and Art Publishing House 1994 version, is my yellow Nagisa friends Random House bought in the 2098’s.In fact, three years ago, that is in 1991, I had to buy in the county Xinhua Bookstore Lin Ching “Bodhi series of essays,” a six (unfortunately this book at hand, bibliography list can go on), ” Lin Ching prose “this election focused on the income of the” Bodhi series of essays, “which many articles.It can be said of Lin Ching in prose, I was a stranger to love, even put it down for a while.When a note of the text above, is also not untangle re-read the first few times. Finally, I would like to record a Lin Ching This collection of “Life makeup” makeup artist, he quoted a passage from which you can see his writing attitude.Like “It’s not like you to write articles: When it comes to makeup artist and makeup artist in the highest state of no makeup, the makeup artist said such remarks?Article is often clumsy pile of words, distorted the author’s personality.The article is a little better shine, attracting people’s attention, but others know you are writing article.The best article, is the natural expression of a writer, he is not piling up, do not think that is read when reading the article, but in a life reading.”In fact, when Lin Ching reading of prose, I have this feeling.Read his “warm pot of moonlight is not wine,” is this feeling that read “Snow Boy” and “golden impression” is this feeling that read “Buddha drum”, “Light of the Four Books” and “Law round junior sister apprentice”, “Sansei stone on old elf “,” my heart like the Moon “and many other poem, or feeling. Lin Ching is not great, but it is unique.Lin Ching reading prose, really give people a peaceful, cool feeling.That, is what I like to read his prose reasons for it. 2003-6-27 grass in Fulongping-nine meters vegetarian 2008-10-23 finishing Fulongping-nine meters Lent