Chouchou more than two months ago, I was in the yard for watering flowers, her husband drove the car from the outside back.As the door opened, the dog jumped down from the car, look ugly and fierce.I was dismayed to pointing dog asked her husband: “how do you buy a dog so ugly?”My husband said, smiling:” You can not underestimate it, it is a cross between English Bulldog.”Because I do not like dogs, because this puppy ugly, so it came down to my house a few days, I never look the other way about it.Husband take it as a baby like, give it a bath every day, feed it to eat.One day, my husband asked what was the name the puppy, I casually replied, “It looks so ugly, you love what is called what it chant.”My husband had an idea, quipped,” says writer Jia Ping – wa ‘ugly to the extreme is the United States’, I’ll give it a name to call it ugly.”Ugly does not like shouting, happy when her husband hobbled down around the heel turn, fed and sleeping peacefully.It’s sleeping position is very interesting, and sometimes, it is the two rear foot straight back stretch, two front legs stretched straight forward, two forefoot inward slightly together, then the neck straight head on in the soles of the feet slightly together , the top jaw closed his eyes leisurely asleep; sometimes, it bent the body a half-moon, the hairy head hidden in soft belly, a dream state Hugh scrambled stupid.Whenever the children stop passing touch its back or head, it would be kind enough to put up Yuangun body or kept shaking its tail and they play softly.Although Chouchou quiet docile, but I still do not like it when it inadvertently try to get close to me, I lifted my foot Yiduo the ground, it will turn around soon got the message to run away.  One time, my heart was deeply touched.A month ago, my husband and to her family live in a day for one night, the next day to go home in the morning, when my husband and I got out at the same time, was sitting in front of ugly looking around to see it suddenly jumped since, around me, and ran in front of her husband as an arrow, as welcomed long-awaited family as happily wriggling round, he kept swinging soft tail, round and round about her husband’s footsteps moving, walking step husband raised his head towards the big bark loudly, the kind of excitement that affectionate look, my heart sour.  Later, I will not alienate the ugly, ugly also let go close to me.I sat on the couch watching TV, it will quietly squatting me the feet, tongue licking its fur or feet with the soles of the feet touch the smooth face, gentle and well-behaved look truly lovely.  Read a book a day more than 10 night, her husband and children have to travel, and I was alone lying on the living room sofa.Suddenly, came the “pound, pound.”The knock on the door, I got up from the couch, incredulously, thinking:” so late, who is knocking it?Relatives and friends all know my phone number, they come to my house usually call ahead to inform my.”I looked at the quiet home, a little nervously closed his book.Shocked, ugly jumped out from the nest on the balcony, “bark” cried rushed out, to the door, it twisting head and looked at me as if to say: “Master, do not be afraid, I’m here.”Then stop being himself, raised his head, long neck pull, open throat ‘bark Wang’ shouted a loud noise and full power.I felt the room is full of festive atmosphere, walked toward the door, gently opened the door, but could not see a figure.It is a wrong door man?Or an unexpected guest?Then, I smiled and shook his head, because it is not important, the important thing is ugly in my lonely helpless he gave me confidence and courage.I leaned over, first hand caressing the gentle ugly head, looked thin it: black eyes of God, delicate shiny fur, mighty firm demeanor.I can not help but wonder: Chouchou is actually very beautiful!  I suddenly remembered my mother used to say: “Like humans and animals”.Yes, animals and humans have the same thoughts, feelings, we should be equal treatment for all creatures, harmony.