Christ Church outside of meditation

Who has seen God?Who has seen Christ?Where is God in?Where is Christ in?At first hearing, people will think I raised the issue somewhat absurd, ridiculous naive.actually not.Browsing the “Bible”, we can know a lot of sacred, noble, famous name: Lord, Adam and Eve, Noah, Jesus Christ.They really do exist?Cain and Abel Although the end of fighting, over the holy city of Jerusalem is still filled with clouds of war.Seeing this world is full of evil, and shameless sins, God and Christ, how can we sit on the sidelines, sit back and do not ask? Yes, we are not and can not see God and Jesus; but if we hold your breath, Qinger listening, should be heard about the Lord’s voice: “I want people had made animals and insects, as well as birds of the air, and they were destroyed from the earth, because I made them regret it.”What a terrible human sin not even his creator felt surprised!But a universal God, I believe that your words have gone too far, and some biased, do not all the animals are heinous crimes, to the point where non destroy not yet?Besides, every animal in the group of members from good to evil, how can we not ask indiscriminate, be denied all of it?The perish is bad, Xiongshou evil birds and insects, the individual species and good longevity should be! I have not been religious intensive research, but I am very concerned about the monasteries, churches and other places of religious activity.With pious heart my respectful ceremony to worship God, but often they were lovely disciples disciples merciless mockery: or cheated out of money, or been fooled some. I often pass from a Christian front is located next to the street, usually deserted around, nothing special.But every Sunday, where they uncharacteristically worship, peddlers selling things, look busy, people coming and going, steady stream. I stand alone in the opposite the church, silently stared chic imitation of Gothic architecture: solemn style porch, two distinct pointed arch, middle uplift of the dome, tall cross erected.As a Christian I like fantasy aura and image of God and Jesus when your visit, deep down there is an invisible noble and sacred sentiment quietly grow, convergence, rising. Religion is essential to human spiritual home.It spreads faith, preached the truth and educate the public.Although it is not as evil as the disciplinary court of justice, we can at least remind people of moral yardstick should be used to correct their behavior, and even the lost who repent and then turn on the precipice.(Read the article Net:.sanwen.COM) Religion is the night light, is spiritual sustenance, while the church is to cultivate good thoughts of fertile land, is the regeneration of the soul of the land.People pray, repent people, people always bear in mind the teachings of Jesus Christ: “Behold, I come quickly.Reward is with me, to give every man according to his works.”So, What is the status of religious development of China it?According to official statistics it reported: “Chinese religious believers believe in mainly Buddhism, Taoism, Islam, Catholicism and Christianity; 100 million believers of various religious people, religious activities 8.At more than 50,000, about 300,000 religious personnel, over 3,000 religious organizations, 74 religious-run aims to train clergymen of religious schools.”As this document refers to the Christian (Protestant), it is the early 19th century was introduced into China, and spread widely after the Opium War of.”China now has about 10 million Protestants, pastors who preach 1.8 million people, the church 1.More than 20,000 seats, simple activities (meeting point) 2.At 50,000.”From the above we can see that China’s rapid development of religion, good situation, from one side also reflects the current ruling party of enlightened and respect for human rights. Human history to today, perhaps few would really believe in religious myths, maybe some people simply did not believe the bizarre to say the so-called karma, heaven, hell, etc., maybe God was just a dream spring protagonist believers in it. But some people believe in the existence of God, her innocence and dedication make us Gee praised, ashamed. Many years ago, in the north of England, there had been a severe drought; if it does not rain within a week all the crops have died out; a local church decided to do this hold a special prayer. Pastor of the Church is about to reach the church, he saw a little girl walking in front of him carrying an umbrella.His catch up and asked: “Little girl, such a hot day, why are you carrying an umbrella on the church it?”The little girl turned and looked at him, Cuisheng habitat, said:” We went to ask God to give us rain, I want to prepare okay.”Later, the priest during the sermon, said the little girl’s faith in God made him ashamed. From this little girl who, we can realize the truth do something? Sunset, the setting sun shines cross solemn church and erected high.Worship, peddlers selling things, look lively people had dispersed, only a few passer-by, there is only one wearing orange frock sanitation workers waving a broom around mechanically, cleaning the garbage everywhere. Finally, I silently glanced at the mysterious holy church, and my heart suddenly a sense of melancholy Dangqi.City street lights bright, colorful neon lights shining in a seat above the high-rise buildings, the north-south car like countless stars dazzling meteor flying, of course, a bit like the Beatles staring eyes. I was alone in a strange crowd silently forward.Where is God in?Do I really would ask such a stupid question it almost?My mouth leak trace of shallow smile.I know, this is the taste of some self-deprecating smile. Where is God in?If I’m really asking this question, who can answer it accurately? Mr. Christie famous writer franc came smiling, shrugged, then pointing to his chest, said: true God in the heart of sage.