Christmas Eve, the lighting lamp heart

Snow lengthy, inquiries and floated the middle of winter, the north wind blows, began to play the symphony cold, distant village, vaguely heard laughing children Mengyi Ban crisp, hazy twilight, the ancient medieval bell shock ripples out.We head to a few frozen numb as if with such illusion: two naughty deer, sleigh pulled cute, rustled in Yukino, nimble slide, the red hat, ruddy face of Santa Claus, shed the kind of love, bring children laughter, bringing the world auspicious, brings warmth winter.Warm fireworks taste, tastes chocolate flavor, multicolored neon, soft candlelight, pervaded the air, filled with, surrounded by boys and girls everywhere vision, infection with smiling men and women, with the comfort of dusk grandparents, people instantly forget age, forget the identity, forget the suffering, forget the grudges, enjoy singing, dancing frantically, intimate embrace.Experienced in 1999 August 18 terror Predictions of Nostradamus, crossed the December 21, 2012 Mayan doomsday revelation, as if we actually surviving like luck and joy, particularly cherish life every day, no matter how busy the day is, no matter what day of doing nothing.We solemnly greeted each grand or ordinary festival, put on Liangzhuang, to the streets, bewildered aimless roaming, only in a tight competition apart and feel relaxed; we sat around the dinner table in front of hot, graciously take their food to the elderly and children, experiencing every reunite family harmony.    Maybe this year we have witnessed so much horror and bloody, perhaps this year we have gone through life to death shrill, fourth decade, the face of the bleak life, we become more at a loss, as a wise man, we do not believe in an afterlife we laughed off the rumor, are believers, scientific knowledge materialist armed let us fear, we live magnanimous, Xinxin Ran, but inadvertently, we are in contemplation of leisure, I can not help but full of doubts: we depend living planet come from?In turn go?Hundreds of doom lies, such as burst balloon, so many so-called prophets, seers have been laid bare, accused dismissed as capable of misleading people, demagogic, can the Earth really is eternal?Doom always come one day, and then a serious rigorous scientific astronomy, geography, has to admit that such an ironclad rule!    Earth, the solar system, in the vastness of the universe, is not a copy of coincidence, the miracle of birth and continuation of life is not put into words, man’s past lives, ancestors ancestors, backdated DNA along the highway, how much old pedant who Haoshouqiongjing, debated, it is also puzzling mystery.When God made man myth ruthlessly crushed by Darwin, when the virtual image of heaven is seen through radio telescope, those great masters who pretentious, but did not give the world’s most successful most reasonable explanation, only asked quest ripples around the enclosure extension, boundless.    After accustomed to the theory of evolution in the ancestor of apes, we do all kinds of rumors are alien head fog, UFO strange figure, letting new anecdotes one after another.Some people say whimsical, clever humans originated on aliens, the most powerful evidence that the ancient myth of “virgin reproduction” alien planet to examine the aircraft is broken, they had permanent presence in the earth, they using high-tech dinosaur family threatened to kill their own survival, they let their race tenderness legend on Earth, so they selected a female ape hybrid IQ birth on earth, black people, aliens and chimpanzees intercourse offspring, yellow alien monkey intercourse with a product, while whites are alien and tall ape grandchildren.    People are good at thinking, diligent invention, production began to improve crops, domesticated livestock, desire to meet the oral; they invent a machine, manufacture sophisticated tools that make survival more comfortable and convenient.They studied the surrounding environment, an attempt to heaven into the earth, they learn cloning, remote sensing learn, learn organ transplant, but still could not understand the brain physiological mechanisms themselves, about dreams, about memory, about foretell of danger.Today we are infinitely closer to the truth of life, today we are finally able to see galaxies billions of light years away, today we enjoy stunning cutting-edge technology, then the future it?We will control the spacecraft with the idea?We will use that to borrow a dream to break into another planet’s ecological civilization like Avatar?Is not it also intercepted alien freak like that, we will atrophy limbs, and especially our brains developed?Is not one day, all diseases will be overcome, the human life span can be no deadline?At that time of birth, when the ethical, emotional time, can not imagine!    One day, the alienation of humans will eventually destroy the Earth will one day, all religions, all the past history of the rise and fall, are ridiculously low level?Yeah cosmic beacon lights, where you will point?