Chrysanthemum brain, also known as chrysanthemum dishes, is a wild relative plants herbs chrysanthemum.It is on the table of the most common folk dishes, is a modern favorite wild vegetables by.  Acquaintance chrysanthemum brain was seven years ago in the summer of that year, I was due to job transfers, we will leave to live more than ten years of bungalows and small courtyard, very depressed.Neighbors, reluctant yard gardening reluctant intimacy, especially a variety of chrysanthemum.Bricks on the ground in front of the home has long been my pry into a small pit, some training on soil, planted a lot of chrysanthemums.Every autumn, the door is a bright, bees fly Splendor.That unique herbal chrysanthemum filled the courtyard, are not exhilarating.  On moving day, in front of the chrysanthemum seedlings grow positively thriving child with one of life.Think of all this is about to leave to seeing every day, go to a strange city, live in a strange building, I fear in the hearts.Husband to see my mind, to comfort me: “Nostalgia is understandable, there is not a house that you imagined so terrible, is an old-fashioned three-story house, on the second floor of our family, neighbors are retired Posts and old workers, intellectuals.I believe we will soon get used to a new home, to adapt to a new life.”We have a long bumpy all the way, finally arrived.I nervously followed her husband came home downstairs, suddenly, with one of lush abundant life catches my eye.Downstairs corner edge which clumps, clusters of vigorous growth was actually chrysanthemum, and that vivid and pure green simply emit a warm home.I eagerly stroked softly TV drama stems and leaves, tender green appreciate the TV drama, a newcomer to the strangeness Dunxiao half.  The next day, to see the lady downstairs holding a small basket, lightweight and flexible pinch Spear leaves chrysanthemum seedlings, it looks like spring and mining.I am curious to ask the lady: “Chrysanthemum seedlings tapped the Spear leaves, autumn flowering but also how it?”Grandpa told me that this is not an ordinary daisy, chrysanthemum brain called.Nanjing residents deemed treasure “three grass” (chrysanthemum brain, wolfberry head, Malan head) one, Jiangsu Nanjing specialty, often as vegetables, local residents generally planted behind the house in front, split-root winter, spring and summer pick it tender shoots of food speculation.Lady home in Nanjing, bringing many years ago from his hometown roots chrysanthemum brain, transplanted in front of the building behind the house.Chrysanthemum brain vitality particularly strong, do not pick the place, do not pick the soil resistance, barren and arid, do not good care.This does not, it cracks between the blocks in front of the building behind the house are covered with chrysanthemums brain.The neighbors like to pick cook food, chrysanthemum brain and egg soup is clear fire the summer heatstroke share.Chrysanthemum brain is not only nutritious, and there are detoxification, tune in appetizers, lowering blood pressure effects.  Speaking lady chrysanthemum brain is familiar, she told me that Su “after qiju Fu,” saying: “I side with Qi as grain, daisy as embarrassing.Spring water seedlings, leaf-eating summer, autumn and winter flower food fresh root, Shu almost River Nanyang life.”Grandpa left his home for decades, came to a strange town, long-suffering, ups and downs live now.Family member not in, you’re alone still alive and well.Alone in this native place, you can eat home-style dishes, blessed!Yan Bi, lady can not help but laughed, weather-beaten face, criss-cross wrinkles stretch, like the flowers in full bloom Chrysanthemum.  Lady’s words could not help me in awe, not only because of her well-informed, but also because of her dedication to life, love of home.Before leaving, the lady gave me a lot of chrysanthemum brain, noon done nankingense egg soup.Green, green soup was filled with some yellow of the egg flower, drink, began to spread on that begins with an unusual cool tongue has been infiltrating into the heart.Strangeness gone to a new home, all of a sudden I actually fell in love here.Here it is bound to be my second home.  The new units arrived to work, strange environment, unfamiliar colleagues, fast-paced work environment often makes me dazzled and confused.After work, always stop and stay beside the downstairs nankingense.That Mimicengceng chrysanthemum brain, although crop stubble to pinch the stems and leaves, but it is still trying to grow tender buds, tenacious up, showing perseverance and tenacity.It was pure green, like spring water to wash away my troubles and general fatigue; it was flexible, strong character, give me comfort and confidence.  Turning around, Autumn.Daisy has been repeatedly picked because the brain has not affected the flowering stems and leaves.But because of the mining stems, grow more stem bud, chrysanthemum out more.The lush dark green foliage, small and spread with layers of flowers, a large golden, see people get confused.That warm golden autumn to add a sum of strong color, the aroma was intoxicating drug people away.  That winter, I asked for a few bundles of chrysanthemum brain roots, transplanting lady with parents in a small courtyard surrounded by the rubble among.Next spring, chrysanthemum brain With its strong vitality and perseverance, spread to every corner of the small courtyard.Summer morning, Dad is fond of chatting, bubble pot of tea, and looked around the lush fresh saplings to hand a pinch, wash under the pot noodles.After a fragrant noodles, then pinch a lot of saplings, noon do nankingense egg soup.  Fall, gold has become a small courtyard small garden, it has become a paradise for parents.Dad likes the smell in the courtyard with the old partners in the daisy that makes a unique refreshing herbal scent to play a small card.Mom is like with the neighbors sitting next to Daisy mend, laugh.Mom and Dad always called me, said: “girl, you back daisy brain is really a good thing ah!Not squeamish, toughness.Eat, seen!”Whenever that time, I always feel happy, because their parents love, because they have a home in the I want to read.  Last winter, the parents went to the south.Northern cold and dry for many years to coincide with the event, the father often worried about the fate of the yard chrysanthemum brain, worried about whether it can withstand cold and drought escaped.After the Spring Festival, Dad had a serious illness, do the surgery, survived.When the late spring came back and found the yard evergreen pots are not being spared, and chrysanthemum brain was miraculously survived, still showing a vigor.  Exclaimed the father said: “This is really great life ah nankingense!It withstood the cold of drought not seen for many years, even tenaciously survived.”I listened, feeling great.Dad said it not in his own?He experienced a major surgery, and suffered several brutal chemotherapy, with a thirst for life, tenaciously survived.  A few days ago, I went back home to find this year’s chrysanthemum brain looks particularly strong.Four weeks a small hospital, clumps clusters, crowded crowded pay to pay, a great potential to dominate the world, and that touching the green is a symbol of life, is a symbol of hope.Hopefully, my dad talk to Daisy in the same brain.Chrysanthemum brain that indomitable character, will always inspired me steadily forward in the rough life on the road.