Chrysanthemum tea with cinnamon

September and October, swaying in the autumn in an incremental Turui bloom to sweet-scented osmanthus and chrysanthemum most.Pretrial order side, with month temporary cream, and walk away from, stay with a fragrance in the world.However, thin materials, the fragrant and sweet-scented osmanthus fragrance of chrysanthemum quite different from it.    ”Tung leaves turn yellow and old, white vomit Osmanthus early”.Known as the “flower of first-class,” the sweet-scented osmanthus open in the Mid-Autumn Festival, “under a light storage shop windows, people with their fragrant flower”.Out of the window of my house planted a row of trees in the cell as laurel, before the Mid-Autumn Festival in previous years, a fine exhibition on flowers, micro spit fragrance, fragrant smell of.But this year, Mid-Autumn Festival after a full more than a week, is still green garden trees, sometimes a few stems of delicate yellow shade them, but did not see the shadow of flowers.For several days, came before the tree, deliberately lifted his nose to sniff, where there is any aroma, only far I do not know where the burning of straw floated burnt gas.Suddenly one day, early in the morning, really was spit fragrant bloom overnight osmanthus fragrance woke up from a dream, a plume, a Unit of flavor straight into the heart and spleen, bleary-eyed, they unwittingly become more Jiuhan feeling a little drunk.Still dressed in the cool temperatures of autumn rush out to watch the sweet-scented osmanthus.A small cluster of green leaves a small cluster of golden flowers or Hanbaoyufang shy appearance, he had a strong smell of overflowing entire courtyard.    People often use “as Lan Kwai like” to describe the flowers, is some truth.Osmanthus fragrance and aroma of orchids are just two extreme floral, lonely valley of orchids bloom in the spring, not with flowers contests, net Lai refined fragrance sober, especially adorable; and pre-trial gold osmanthus body is small, and the flowers open gradually diminishing the Mid-Autumn Festival, chosen set of fragrant flowers, Yuyu Fu Fu back to the last, gives a warm aftertaste in the upcoming cold and to the north wind.Flowers, Humanity through the blanket.    Chrysanthemum flowering around Chongyang, “hard core cold fragrant cold butterflies come,” is already late autumn, but also so much favored by Mystics.Among these, “not in favor chrysanthemum flowers, flowers do not spend more,” one of the main reasons it should be.Osmanthus Osmanthus than there are silver Gui, Kim points, chrysanthemum varieties and colors much richer, big flower big flower yellow, white, purple, ink, pink, green chrysanthemum newly sprung, like a newborn child’s smiling face, not yet fully stretch folds filled with fresh dripping in, the more fragile one of life.Stroll chrysanthemum leaves, straight people suspected of spring regeneration, which spare the foot of it already is Hanqixiren.And compared to April elegant peony, chrysanthemum is more like a hermit noble character, proud of the wind Lingshuang, narcissistic, peace of mind.Can also be used like a pencil drawing “under mining Ju Dong, leisurely to see the mountain” Only a true hermit singing Tao Yuanming such a daisy charm and strength of character.    Chrysanthemum Chuo-tzu Chu Yung often people forget the smell of it.Oddly enough, go see a child on the Qingming River Park with adults Juzhan, standing in a large clump of chrysanthemums in photography, so close, he did not have any fragrance smell chrysanthemums, only a vague feel a hint of sweet breath glide tip of the nose, “slips” about the disappeared.Therefore, he doubted “Dream of Red Mansions” in “Ju Yong” Poetry: “milli end Yun show clinical frost written, articulate hold in the mouth for months Yin Hong,” authenticity, not to mention “the sky Hong array through the Changan, Curse of the Golden Flower “the.Later often Chongyang Shangju, indispensable to note that the olfactory chrysanthemum tea, still pale like a reflection in the water, hazy, it seems there is still no.Can not help but be discouraged and low self-esteem: the hell is mortal, actually smell the chrysanthemum tea.    A few days ago, son, I do not know where to pick up some chrysanthemum petals back, saying that listening to the teacher says, with water to drink chrysanthemum can cure cough, specifically to smoking, I collected some.I used to only know the Chrysanthemum soaked in water proofing can cure cough, I seem to remember, “Dream of Red Mansions,” where it was taken petals fresh water to drink, have since adopted son taken back, and had skeptical to try.Stirring the boiling water of prosthetic chrysanthemum, Huh!Ray flowers with the rising wave of wet steam to spread out, the dough, faint, but very clear.The original Daisy fragrance hiding here ah!