L-carnitine is really that magical No adequate evidence

In addition, for the "L-carnitine is not a drug, and therefore no toxic side effects," saying, it seems very arbitrary in Shen Yanying。 "Although the international community has not yet found clear toxic side effects of L-carnitine, but everything is going too far。 "For example, she said, although vitamin 'is your' one of the seven essential nutrients, but if excessive, will produce toxic reactions, such as vitamins?Poisoning。 "Just think, had fat consumption process takes only 10 'wagons', but all of a sudden came 50, the transport channel is bound to clog。
"Shen Yanying," said L-carnitine is mainly metabolized by the liver, kidney, might be too much to take once the liver, kidneys certain pressure。 And some people after taking fever occurs, sweating, thirst, dizziness, insomnia and other reactions。 "Dr. Nishiki only publicly recommended carbs 'L-carnitine' product sales staff told reporters that the general need to take each person 3-5, each and 400 mg three times a day。
This calculation, a maximum intake of 6 grams per day。
In this regard, Dalian Central Hospital, director of nutrition Wang Xingguo said that this dose has exceeded the upper limit of 2 grams recommended by the US FDA。 As proposed by Dr. Nishiki L-carnitine "no movement there are weight loss, and do not rebound," the statement but also a thorough WangXingGuo exaggerated view, "any weight loss methods are the combined effects of effect。
"L-carnitine really that magical, he explained, in the case of large amount of exercise of human cases, such as when athletes strenuous exercise, consume more energy, but also a large supply of fat, have a relative lack of L-carnitine may be the case。
At this point, if the additional taking L-carnitine, carry more fat in the unit of time, it may promote fat burning。 "In any case, is the most effective way to lose weight aerobic exercise itself, give up fat burning method in one step, instead defected indirectly via no exact effect of which is self-evident fallacy。 "He added," Any weight loss method will rebound once the stop, once and for all claims are nonsense。 "。