What constellation is August

August is Leo and Virgo. Leo is the constellation representing the king, and the date of birth is July 23-August 22 in the new calendar.. Every corner of life is a show of Leo’s life.. Virgo’s birth date is from August 23 to September 22 in the new calendar. He is picky in doing things, pursuing perfection and even finding fault..   Leo: July 23-August 22 Leo is the sign of the king. Every corner of life is a show of Leo’s life.. They show their domineering qualities all the time.. They are forthright and generous in their work, calm in their speech and never falter. In their dictionary, inside, face takes precedence over reason and never falls behind in any situation..   Leo people are confident and heroic.. It is persuasive to be able to master the hearts of the masses and play the role of leader in a group, so it has the charm of the masses. Even if you sit there silently, it will still attract people’s attention.. However, they are especially materialistic and prone to boast and conceit.. Because Leo’s Lumenis One is a bit reluctant to listen to other people’s opinions and a bit self-righteous.   Leo is very good at observing and controlling the atmosphere and emotions of the scene. A few words tickle one’s heart, or a few words can strike a person hard.. They can unite and win over many people as their auxiliary wings, or they can isolate someone to suppress and balance each other at the level of interests.. Leo’s ability to maneuver around and around flour is appreciated by many people..   Leo’s Death 无. My heart is high, my temper is big, and I am greedy.. In this way, the motivation in interpersonal relationships is easy to be exposed, and people will think that this person is overbearing, unreasonable and hypocritical.. In dealing with interpersonal relationships, too much attention is paid to face, and it is easy to fall into awkward situations..   Virgo: August 23-September 22 Virgo is picky, perfectionist, and even critical.. However, Virgos are also very modest. They love to help others. They are always busy. Then they are strict with themselves with high requirements. They will never give up halfway or compromise to some difficult situation. Only in this way can they easily add unnecessary pressure to themselves.. They are very principled. Virgos are naturally worried, which makes them pessimistic. Virgos who lack confidence sometimes have poor organizational skills..   Virgo usually focuses on trivial things, but the secret of Virgo’s success often lies in paying attention to details and always noticing things that others ignore.. Basically, Virgo is very observant, but those who are strongly influenced by Virgo may also be bound by details, and only see trees but not forests.. Virgo is not only critical of the world, but also the most self-critical sign. However, they are also the most humble and unassuming sign.. Virgos tend to be cautious and reserved in their dealings. They are not concerned about power and achievements. They often show friendly attitude with goodwill.. Virgo has an innate ability to identify and prioritize.. They have the instinct to filter and choose.. Virgo is suitable to play any role related to quality management.. This constellation will strive for perfection. If perfection cannot be achieved, Virgo will ensure that things can take effect and continue to operate.. Virgo’s problem is that she cares too much about the shortcomings in the sections and ignores the overall beauty.. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.