90 “Polan Wang” entrepreneurial dream

From lucky to Polan Wang, Liu Bainian, then picked up the bow from the moment the first bottle of mineral water, doomed his life will be different.In the eyes of many, it is a shameful rag job.But more than a year of practice and harvest proved, Liu Bainian, however tattered collection of practical, solid waste recycling business is done.Polan has become the name of a career after 90 young sway sweat and wisdom.Mottled rust simple basketball, a yard full of packaging waste, piles of old books barn which is located Fumeng Liu Bainian then east village Fuxin, Liaoning Province, home town of the Courtyard, but also his scrap yards, from lucky It turned into Polan Wang, a young entrepreneurial dream, being set sail from here.He bent down and did not feel ashamed of a morning rain, then came home Liu Bainian.With a very different impression of the scrap yards, the yard neat, reject all packaged neatly stacked; a simple case of basketball, a big boy was practicing shooting, then he is Liu Bainian, sunshine, handsome, a vitality.Rain, a rare rest, a rare play!Liu Bainian then greeted with a smile.A rain, let this boy’s life after 90 temporarily return to love to play, love to the true movement.This year 23-year-old Liu Bainian mid-2015 and then graduated from Liaoning Industry University Architectural Engineering.From the third year of college, in addition to his daily life is learning to deal with waste.After graduation he was booed in, give up the identity of the lucky, start a full-time PoLanWang.I had in the end how you think?Face the problem, then relaxed smile Liu Bainian, according to the traditional concept of graduation should do white-collar civil service exam, so it seems only decent, but for me, this kind of life always felt something missing, I would like to start your own business.Graduation, Liu Bainian then have to go to the big city employment opportunities, however, he has given up, hesitate to choose the pack rat.Because he did not think how low the gas pack rat, with its life-changing work, nothing wrong!And as early as the junior, Liu Bainian, then it is already a campus PoLanWang.At that time, I wanted to alleviate some of the burden for the family by self-reliant, beginning bend scavenging when in fact there are also some of the pressure.However, Liu Bainian, said the most memorable was the first to pick up a bottle of mineral water in the school dorm, I felt a lot of people staring at her, but also some embarrassed, but then I thought, bending is also a self-reliant, we have classes together, and I has begun to make money, there is nothing to be ashamed of it!Since then, campus, dormitories often bow to pick up this waste figure, his move has also been recognized by students and teachers, the students will also be used to save the waste left him.Waste collection because the heart, love chatting with Liu Bainian, however, you will find that, after the 90 boys of the same age who has a rare stable and mature, has more mature than their peers mind.At first, Liu Bainian then select waste collection, in fact, due to family misfortune.In people, this is for the love of their parents, while Liu Bainian However, in addition to love, but also includes a responsibility.Five years ago, Liu Bainian natural father suddenly suffering from leukemia when he was reading senior.Suddenly feeling the heavens, and my father lying in the hospital for chemotherapy, her mother secretly in tears, the family was soon spent all their savings, and later sold the house.However, said Liu Bainian, the face of family tragedies, he felt as a man, you must assume something.The college entrance examination was over, he secretly without telling his family went to a construction site work, said he and classmates home at night.Voluntary reporting of time, as a Sports Students of PE points he faced 80 points, integrated score 400 points as a line outside the province, decided to choose to give up, reported a large home, I know I can not do without at home, away near my home to take care of them.During college, he lives frugally Liu Bainian, however, rely on campus waste collection revenue to complete their studies, sometimes supplement the family income.His father rely on perseverance, perseverance after treatment, the body gradually restored.With the campus waste collection experience, after graduation, Liu Bainian then ready to continue tattered career, however, his idea was met with unanimous opposition of his family.When training school when he himself, after graduation can also do this, we can not accept some psychologically, after all, in the eyes of many, a pack rat does not seem too decent work, in fact, he would prefer civil service exam.Then my mother said Liu Bainian, to this end, she gave son bought a lot of books exam, hoping his son obtain a decent job.However, Liu Bainian was then assured of their entrepreneurial dreams, three hundred and sixty, very best, how to pack rat shame of it?Why hugs face and hold, I am not afraid of others a strange look, not afraid of hardship involved, has its regeneration value of each ‘waste’, can be turned into business to do the same!Parents face of opposition, to persuade him.Waste collection to see him do, as parents had to give up the original idea, he began the full support of his son’s entrepreneurial dreams.Summer of 2016, when the graduates go from major job fairs, Liu Bainian, then got into a scrap heap.To entrepreneurs never give up how you still rag ah?Small vendors image in front of the students, Liu Bainian then always received a lot of surprised eyes.Experienced initial jerky, Liu Bainian then gradually realize that, by their own hands to support themselves, is not a shameful thing.No matter how educated, how grand ideal there, must start from the bottom.However, Liu Bainian said that, as the civil service exam is ideal for a lot of people, like waste collection is his ideal.He has to do, it is to apply the knowledge learned in college to receive waste industries, scientifically and efficiently to collect waste.He said he liked hard work, self-made feel, a sense of accomplishment, but also honing his more important to be able to see their thoughts and ideas into reality step by step.Hard pack rat goes without saying that this year’s June and July, Liaoning Industry University campus graduation season, a lot of old things, to recycle old books.At dawn he came to school, often at night till late at night, receiving, weighing, payment, classification, packaging, the effort did not want to Xie Hui, busy in pitch darkness.But Liu Bainian However, this kind of a nice day although a little tired, but exceptionally fulfilling.Appears to be a living, for me, in fact, become a cause, there is no distinction or distinction of labor, create value for society only how many points.In the course of scrap yards Liu Bainian, the various waste neatly stacked, classification clear, it looks miscellaneous and not chaos.And to place these waste products, Liu Bainian then have their own unique business sense.Many are sold through the network, or some seven gently used books, some pity as waste, is to contact the site used books.Right now, Liu Bainian then want to set up their own recycling company, expand business opportunities through the network, but also facing a shortage of funds the bottleneck.I would like to expand the scale, but need space, warehouse, working capital, I hope the relevant departments to provide some incentives for business students to entrepreneurial add some power, because I want through their own efforts and struggle, let people look at this industry.However, Liu Bainian told us down to earth with action, students waste collection is not a shame, a shame when the waste was.Bill Gates famously said: The world will not care about your self-esteem, people see only your accomplishments.You do not have success in the past, do not over-emphasize self-esteem.In the past, Beijing University students to sell pork, voices of doubt everywhere, but now, he’s pork store opened more than 200 stores, has created its own brand.Many people have questioned his thumbs-up.If he overemphasis on self-esteem, do not want to lower identity to do something, it is impossible to create an extraordinary life in an extraordinary career.Recycling, so that resources can be used again, both to help society to save resources, and support environmental protection, and can achieve self-worth, on the road to riches, to win the respect of others.This is better than those who stay home eating old, or willing to waste much stronger social.We should admire such a kind person, their hands on their own, promoted or demoted, resilient, continue to work hard for a living, so people are more worthy of respect.