Mermaid line how good this practice more healthy exercise

Third, chest exercise Ready position: Stand with feet shoulder width, arms straight before the flat, palm relative grip Rally。
Action: the chest, the muscles of the arm, to make the arms before gradually toward both sides thereof by Pull for chest movement, until the flat side arms form state。 Slowly return to the starting position after pause for a moment。
The operation was repeated 20 times。
Chest supine chest also be desirable。 Tips: body upright to moderate movement speed, attention should be focused on。 Role: Development and pectoralis major, chest expansion。 Fourth, barbell exercise Ready position: Sit on the Dwarf bench, legs, knees, feet apart, riding on flat ground。 Let companion or family will be jumping barbell chest and his hands fist eye relative, horizontal grip。
Action: waist muscle contraction, breathing the very upper chest, while shrinking, arms stretched fist pushing up the barbell until the elbow straight, pause a moment, bent barbell slowly back into the chest, arms loose shoulder flexion the pectoralis major fully stretch out。
The operation was repeated 10 times。 How good this training exercise other than the supine position, can also be used to recumbency position。
The lower part of the pectoralis major muscle on the development of recumbency position of the upper muscles, the pectoralis major development under recumbency position。
Grip bars divided manner narrow grip, and the grip wide grip。 Development of the ship narrow grip chest height, width widening grip to make pectoralis。
This action is the basis of muscle movement method。
Tips: body to lie smooth, barbell exercise to slow down to avoid accidents, pectoralis major forces at work to the full, not leveraging。
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