After 90 years able to save 300,000 Money beautiful story

Deposit 300,000 two years, this figure sounds like most young people to think about things, after all, now ridiculously high standard of living, travel abroad, apply for training, drink Huajiu what is not spending money like water?Girls even harder, and more to buy YSL perfume and coconut oil per month, deposit on the crash was gone, after the financial beauty Even so, money financial community hall up to 90 people high long, did it.Due to a family business background, has always been high yo know the truth: the accumulation of wealth can not be separated cut costs.As a slightly shopaholic nature of high yo believe his own good non-throttle, but open source has always been very good at their own thing.Stability is the source of a person’s sense of security, she graduated from high yo 2008, when graduates of pre-tax salary is about 2,000 yuan, but the high initial graduation got a lengthy annual salary of about 40,000 deals.High lengthy two years ago, has maintained an annual wage increase of about 10%, the third year, when met a good opportunity, wages doubled pre-tax annual salary of 100,000, life suddenly becomes abnormal busy.This reminds us of the best-selling book “are you going to believe, not to not tomorrow” in the sentence: Rather than worry about the future, it is better now to work hard.This way, only to struggle in order to give you a sense of security.Do not put their faith in a person who dreams, and do not worry so much about whispering beside him, because the future is your own, only you can give yourself the greatest sense of security.Do not forget promised myself to do, do not forget your place to go, no matter how difficult, how far.High lengthy think, is very important for their own work, I have a steady job, a sense of security is always the bottom line.Part-time simply can not stop, do not make money heaven tolerate the pain of the old people always say do not eat, can not only enjoy the blessing.High lengthy read a foreign language on their own strengths, from the University has been a part-time.During college she worked part-time include: tutoring, translation, interpretation, Miss shopping guide, school television reporters, and even engaged in a community, then special school party makeup and trade fairs, to earn each month at college 2,000 yuan.Part-time high after a lengthy work also did not stop, there are two main parts: First class translation, such as translation ghostwriter, fairs translation, because of their hard work and adhere to solid professional knowledge, so that the last received translation draft too much lead they simply can not be completed, then simply set up a company to do a manuscript dealer; another part is to own their own businesses, then opened a very popular lattice shop, the shop is divided into a grid, each grid sale for human selling various items, the owner will help sell, will charge a rent.High lengthy did not expect such a simple small business profit is also very impressive.But have to say these things is easier said than done making life difficult.Sometimes high for a lengthy deadlines even not sleep all night, sometimes lengthy particularly high hopes that they have 48 hours, in order to release more time, from 2015, all-time high yo intends to focus only on three things: full-time work translation and jewelry business.Tightening part, focus on jewelry business translation and translation of this piece of business, high yo find a partner together to open a translation company, a full-time partner in charge of the company’s daily operations, responsible for business-related high yo thing.High yo do not want to put all the energy spent on translation thing, because other sectors of work, you can come into contact with different people and different things, one to be more interesting, secondly, to catch more business development opportunity.For high jewelry business is a lengthy, but has a unique advantage, high Yan was born in a small family jewelry business, many brands available to the market.Mentioned first started this job, because of the high yo have a good friend sideline wanted to get something done, a total of two, around the most likely to think of available resources, also left with their own jewelry, then fired a firm specializing in jewelry shop.High lengthy think, make good use of the resources around them is too important!This resource can be your own directly, it can be a friend, but as long as they are willing, you can always create your own interests.Long period of high jewelry business opened two months ago, business was good beyond the long period of high expectations, the price is busy day and night.Although life has been in a very busy pace, but is in fact a lengthy high is still very enjoyable.Reasonable to arrange a time, she would go abroad to play once or twice a year in the off-season business these time periods, every ten days, there will be daily use of fragments of time to do a beauty and massage.High lengthy think, if you want to earn more money, do not expect night life.Just as she, like, generally working day off work should work, but also to work on Saturday and Sunday to some friends out to play, but also let Iranian society ah!