95-year-old “pickles grandmother” to start a company big business dreams

Ankang Road in Zhengzhou have a farmer’s market, there is a 96-year-old woman named Song Xiuying in the market, known as pickles grandmother.The old man’s wife died early, she by selling pickles to seven children, of adults.Today, the elderly have many children, the children wanted to give her money for her to recover, but the old man quit!Every day, the old man still riding on a tricycle to the market to sell pickles, see Cheng Xing, afterwards, is not ambiguous.The elderly but also to start a company, expand the business it.The old man’s son said.Merchant: There is an old man on the market, known as pickles grandmother had a public rebellion, said: Baishun farmers market in Ankang Road, there are nearly a hundred of pickles grandmother before her booth every day have prospered, there have been public to buy pickles pickles.Regardless of new and old customers to visit, grandmother always greeted with a smile, very happy to do business to make money.Came Baishun non-staple food markets, in markets around the corner from the stairs to see my grandmother sitting pickles on a chair, she wore a short-sleeved suit, under a sauce of red shorts, his neck hung a purse.Kindly old face, a smile narrowed eyes speak.People flocked to the scene came to grocery shopping, after some also to buy food grandmother taught to make pickles and pickled pickles craft, the elderly and unreservedly to say to you making skills.And the adjacent old merchant Lee said: pickles grandmother named Song Xiuying, 96 years old this year, is Erqi Qi Li Yan village.For decades she leaned pickled pickles raised seven children, the elderly now have children and grandchildren, a family of more than 60 people in it!The children are married, elderly already proudly, indescribably happy, but she still came here every day riding a tricycle stall selling vegetables.Wang said local well-known elderly: old people young, what year have to do twenty-three kilograms of pickles.Near the village eight miles all know that the elderly do vegetable Road, from morning to night there are people who buy a home.Two years ago the elderly still wanted to start a company too, I want pickles sold abroad.Grandmother looking at selling pickles to take high temperature, the public Mr. Zhao bought a couple of pounds of garlic.Song grandmother very skillfully picked up the scale to the guests, said garlic, money Shihai not forget to be careful to distinguish between true and false about the money.Everyone joked pickles Grandma is a fine business, live and do business the old.Old man: no shortage of food and clothing, sell vegetables can also add some fun pickles grandmother’s residence next door to the West in the market.Not to the door to smell the smell of sun watermelon sauce.Grandmother to see inside the door on both sides of the barbed wire, neatly placed 12 large Cigang, through the glass to the brim, it is to see made into a watermelon sauce.Song grandmother said loudly: do these watermelon sauce, light soy on the use of 700 kilos, 350 pounds of flour used, with 1,500 pounds of watermelon, watermelon sauce now been made, enough for me to sell a year.Song grandmother in the bedroom neat and tidy, in the bedroom suites, granny pickled garlic, mustard pimple, sour beans, leek flowers, potherb mustard, soybean, chilli sauce, cucumber sauce with more than 20 ports vat full of a big house saved.The old man said when talking to someone else: their children and juniors already did not want me to, I say enjoying the.You see people are busy making money, I’m at home idle old heart anxious, I can do a little bit, but also exercise.I do not lack food and clothing, sell vegetables also add some fun is not it?I do not look great age, the eyes can see it Chengxing!I sell pickles pickles, 50 years and never deceptive, nor Quejinduanliang, integrity management, usually a day to sell two hundred, never mind how happy!Song grandmother said with a smile.Children: honor her, she would follow the old man’s eldest son, Mr. Yan has been 72 years, 10 years ago to open a rather well known hotels.Mr. Yan said: father go early, the mother by pickled pickles, our sister pulled seven adults.Now we can not afford to feed the elderly sisters who?The old man restless, but also find a dressing room, start a company, some of the big business pickle.The old man’s eldest daughter, said: his aging mother is very strong, sold the money to the sisters points, let the children go to school.A few years ago his brother said to his aging mother twenty thousand a year for her to recover, she does not agree.His aging mother, pickles, vegetables, give her happiness.His aging mother happy, I am also pleased, she was down to.Grandma’s pickles nanny said: grandmother pickles pickled vegetables, in fact, not all for the money.Children are usually afraid of lonely elderly people, which would allow the elderly to exercise every day, you can also communicate with others by selling vegetables, good mood, perhaps this is the health and longevity of the magic weapon.