In today head full of yellow scrap of Li Qin Yue view, it is bound for the abyss of evil train licenses.

  Her body sliding down the slide, brought out the weak point of sanity: “Nothing to say, you go to sleep.”
  ”Sister you are not happy you?”Zhuo juvenile chair forward and rub the rub, close to the sound coming through the door,” What you are not happy and I say, ah, well into the future that do not store?Xi Ling or after you afraid they pay you.”
  ”You are so many words.”Li Qin Yue’s voice entirely to himself, her fingers began to move uncontrollably before continuing,” but sounds good to hear.”
  Cho Chih could not hear her speak, a little anxious: “Sister how you?What do not stuffy in the heart, you are not a drank a lot tonight, drunk bath very easy to crash.”
  Here, Zhuo juvenile was really anxious, suddenly stood up, took the chair uttered a shrill sound: “I came ah.”
  Li Qin Yue body flick, I thought I was a man have to be scared of atrophy.
  Zhuo juvenile’s mobility has always been fast, but Li Qin Yue’s time to put their finger off, and then directed at the door hazy silhouette will shout