Among aftertaste.

  The next second, Bai Qingqing turn back, staring at his left hand again stunned to launch.
  - Su left palm mirror temperatures do not seem to disperse.
  Aircraft set sail, to the distance.
  They do this line, the year I do not know how much time is on the plane.
  Su mirror and looking at the still staring at his hands I do not know what to think of Bai Qingqing, no choice but to move back to the eyes, slowly close your eyes, shifted his body slightly to make yourself more comfortable leaning back.
  I do not know how long after, Bai Qingqing secretly went to see the side mirror of the Soviet Union, seeing that she has been sleeping like breathing evenly, it will simply boldly goes gaze from her delicate face, the reluctant opening the eyes do not go.

Chapter 14
  After at half past twelve aircraft, Bai Qingqing three will ride to the hotel to rest, sit safely sleep for a few hours.
  The next day quarter past eight, the Soviet Union woke up mirror in the big bed in the hotel.
  She reached out and rubbed his temples, with one hand propped the mattress and sat up.Without sleepy, she would get out of bed to go to the bathroom to wash.
  Twenty minutes later.
  French window curtain has been opened, the Soviet Union by the mirror sitting on the armchair, warm sunshine falling on her face, body, her pale gold coated with a layer of light.Her face thin short