“Don Tanger you like snow away so hate to marry ah ha ha ha ha.Really shoot this ah!”
“beat!”Tang Tang somewhat frantic, do not know which sentence for Jiang Yao and frantic, it may next three front seven.
“Then you give me the phone, I’ll give you shoot.”
“No memory, take your cell phone pictures.”
“Row.It.”Jiang Yao debugging for a long time,” Three, two, one, action!”
Tang Tang also did not like the girls there are so many words to say, looking at the camera froze for a moment, then he turned to ManDaManSuan enough to knock down ten.
What is it he wants?Every time blowing out birthday candles make a wish when he let his mind is a blank, he thought now will be the case; but when he turned to play the drums, he suddenly thought to myself as well as individuals in the video.
Should not it be nice to laugh?
Then he led against the drumhead pull the corners of the mouth.
“All right!”Jiang Yao shouted at him, suddenly ‘Gee’ soon found wrong, not just video, accidentally switch back to the camera mode.
Tang Tang album only carrying two