Out of this price, ah, if you still do not want to, then go find someone else!”

  Yu Ze silent for a moment, pick up the phone again Zhang spoke.
  The bathroom door suddenly opened, Donna has been standing at the door to play the finger.
  Yu Ze looked at her, turned toward the inside of the room.
  Donna with the inside, and saw him standing before a simple shoe, looked at the heavy look of a dozen pairs of shoes.
  After a moment, he pulled out a plastic supermarket bag, took two pairs of shoes from the shelf and put it in the pocket.
  Donna recognized it was his favorite of the two pairs of shoes.
  These shoes are what small reptiles are more important than weight baby, regardless of wear do not wear, he must carefully rub on it again every day, then focus on the beloved look a bit like a magician’s wand accidentally wipe their own.
  Donna is no magic wand, she does not need is a handful of magic wand will be able to use the vast majority of the magician, but she watched teach people rub their own magic wand, face exactly the same time and on Yu Ze Shoe.
  ”I’m out of a trip.”Yu Zeti the shoe, said succinctly.
  Yu Ze did not intend to wait for her answer, he had finished and walked out the door.
  Donna front door has been closed, and a look of suspicion.
  He took out two pairs of shoes do