US polls show Trump surge of support for half of the respondents were satisfied with economic policy

  [World Wide Web Roundup] According to the US Daquan News reported January 31, Monmouth University, USA, a new poll shows support for US President Trump jumped 10 percentage points in a month to reach 42%。 Reports said that the findings of the previous month in 32% of the vote, the results of the Trump is a significant improvement。
  The public opinion survey was conducted from January 28 to 29 during the day, a total of 806 adults participated in the survey, margin of error is plus or minus%。
Survey results show, for the work of the US Congress is currently being carried out, 21% of respondents said they support, 68 percent said they do not support。
In addition, assuming that parliamentary elections held today, 45% of respondents would choose to vote for the Republican candidate, while 47% chose to support the Democratic candidate。
  The survey also found that 50 percent of respondents said their positive view of policy Trump the next few years will be implemented; while 44% of respondents expressed support for tax reform plan passed by Congress。
(Internship compilation: Li Xin Reviewer: Julia Tan)。