His own, but again and again helped downstairs little beggar.It really is the people say, this is a daughter want to pick them up, you do not own yet?

Text Chapter 20 “pearl” tea (1)

“I do this is to help management, peacekeeping Zhen have not offended you, you should be doing this ton of bricks?”Shen Dongming under cold face,” You have two days to learn what?”

“Yes, reason in her, that is not me, you have to help her go!”Shen Sissy angry shouted out, break free from Liu Fu Lin’s arms, heels ran back to his room.

Is a push Sisi Liu Shen Fu Lin look of dismay, her eyes on Shen Dongming, stunned and said: “She”

“Against the days!housekeeper!”Shen eyes looking at Cici clamor back to the room, Shen Dongming anger of the porcelain around Yishuai the ground,” do not let her eat dinner, so love back to the room, let her alone in the room now, do not Out!”

“How can you say na?In case the child out of a good and bad I was hungry and you forever.”Liu Fu Lin quit, she hurried behind the sink with Sissy, while asked:” Your housekeeper to clean up the room dimension Zhen, Zhen dimension you follow housekeeper to take a break.”

“You spoiled her, always there