The capacity Jie walked away, felt has a new goal – to take the Newcomer Award, won the hearts and minds of the goddess.

I looked around the already overcast, and he was ready to ride back.Having just taken a few steps behind him suddenly someone shouted: “Hey, brother fans!”

Tang Junsheng hearing the call to know who it was.He turned around, see Cen ran towards his night, with no one around McDull.

Gucci Cen night wearing a baseball uniform, with fur back hard for a leopard head, who are shiny diamond.He wears a gray mink ear package, it is very lively.

He looked at the hands of rice Tang Junsheng, said: “how do you not walked?Persistent really want to have dinner with me, etc.?”

He easily took the soup, worry and said: “I did not say you ah, you Starchaser Starchaser, do not delay their normal life.You do all day long in the studio squatting, do not speak, others think you are but where it GEEK.”

Tang Junsheng do not know his mind is how to take the line, maybe a lot of fans are accustomed, of course, to his emergence as a punching him, but also unceremoniously ate and take, if everything should own his like.

Cen is considered late Tang Junsheng is a mouth too body integrity of character, on his wrinkled brow silk do not mind.

He said: “We two are peers, although I