More than four thousand a month’s wages, but also allows you to become a leader among classmates.

  You are a man, a woman can not rely on it to feed?”
  ”Ha ha ha.”
  Hu Dongliang, then, so that we really could not help laughing, the kind of cacophonous laughter, Jean Monnet Yu heart very uncomfortable, patted leaf white arm again, solace.
  Ye Hu Dongliang white’d ignored it, fight with brain damage, will let people could not tell who was brain-dead.
  Hudong Liang Ye see the white lukewarm, but also asked for had a dull, this is just the waiter handed him a bottle of good red wine just wake up, Hu Dongliang unsolicited result bottle, right hand emerald ring flashing a hint of light.
  Pour a glass of red wine, handed it in front of Lin Yueyao, a gentleman says.
  ”Miss Lin, I wish you a happy birthday, I prepared a birthday present for you in my car, a meal I will take you to see.”
  ”Well, Hu less bother.”
  Ye white eyes suddenly swept away, I looked at the Hudong Liang’s emerald ring, his face showing a trace of Lengran gift?Gift could there be drugged it.
  White finger leaves a slight movement, chopsticks and immediately fly out, directly plugged into the Hudong Liang handed over the cup of red wine.