So much money . “Jiang Chu although weekdays are shameless, but also light and heavy, she was not used to just go and accept the good of others, especially the man for her, and nothing close people.

Yao Ji was pale channel: “I took the money useless, the family must have a charge of money.”
When he finished, he turned and went into the house.
Jiang Chu took the money bags blankly stood in the courtyard, his words mean, really take her as a young married woman?
Jiang Chu this heart badly, I feel too much tonight, the amount of information explosion, a time for her to accept that some do not come, and now she has some Bubur, dizzy.
Jiang Chu night sleep most of the night, she always felt that some things are not in control of her, but found himself has not even the slightest way to change this situation, my mind a mess, where can sleep?
Early the next day, Jiang Chu top of a black eye to get up, I heard the screams came a yard outside.
Jiang Chu listen to this voice is small tree woods spread out over there, all of a sudden how much sleepy gone, Hing Chong