Although the body of the dress is thickened, can arm with leg sticking out, simply can not resist the cold, Su Yuan is precisely the most cold-blooded, was about to find an excuse to go to the toilet, put warm baby attached to the dress inside, glanced at the corner there is a pedestrian to go here, Su Yuan temporarily gave up the idea of going to the bathroom, habitually bent down, “Welcome.”
  The other three followed and said: “Welcome.”
  Su Yuan looks downcast, bowed ninety degrees, the ground friction shoes footsteps from the side of the trunk grazed, and other guests entered the hotel door, Su Yuan straightened up, subconsciously he rubbed his hands frozen unconscious.
  At this point, this has gone footsteps re-close, step by step, walking toward the door, and finally stood in front of Su Yuan.
  The hotel manager can not look into the provisions of the guests eyes, staring at Su Yuan will come to the foot wearing black shoes, smooth leather with elegant lines highlight the glowing luster of this valuable leather shoes.
  Su Yuan Hsin Tao, which guests should turn boring.
  Just when she thought, a familiar voice from her head rang clear: “Su Yuan?”
  Su Yuan lengleleng, lift eye looked, crashed into a pair of glass-like eyes.
  Owner eyes blinked slowly, gravelly voice: “Hello again