, [Sheng] Joe walk the red carpet entry has been on the hot search.

  Know the truth melons for users just to see this trending simply Xiaodiao chin, who is not walking the red carpet?Do the authors you want to open a tractor up?
  Fans point to go see live video issued only know how it happened.
  Sheng Joe the video dressed in dress walk in the street, street lights dark, but her shining little star, smile kindly tone naturally and fans around chatting.
  Soon, someone broke the news star Yao Sheng secretly revoked Joe walked the red carpet of the arrangement, the result of being hit face Sheng Qiao.
  Red carpet video interview is also a good proof of this, Sheng Qiao phrase “I never thought I’d be here in person,” referring to who is too obvious.
  Users are beginning cursing star Yao quit personnel, not long after the fate of a sudden large number of marketing, luxury brand connotation Sheng Qiao wear dresses but also set high in the absence of sponsorship, she did not look like myself so badly.
  Someone picking out, Sheng Joe who dress the set of Star plus a pair of glass slipper on her feet, valued at eight hundred thousand.
  Navy influx spare no effort to want to take partial rhythm, the results did not clock more than a moment of deep micro-Bo: dress, I sponsored, @ Sheng Qiao they look good.
  Fuzi Qing microblogging transmitted immediately: modeling, I sponsored, Joe! You are beautiful tonight Sheng.
  Sheng Joe overjoyed, and he sent a: car, my own legs