Birth to it is not yet?Attend to ask these, quickly said: “Ok, you wait, I’ll be right back!”

  Hung up the phone, Gou Daqing hurry to leave himself a single batch, rush started for home, he lived in the vicinity of the hotel, five minutes’ walk to.Gou Daqing anxious, and this is his first time dad, turned into a prototype running all the way, less than two minutes to go door.
  Open the door and saw lying on a tall woman wearing a yellow dress on a living room sofa, the woman clutching his huge stomach, painful □□, and soon the pain unable to maintain human form, his face showing the yellow dog hair.
  ”Jen” Gou Daqing wife went to the edge, kneeling on the edge of the sofa, tense: “Jen, how you?How suddenly give birth, how are you feeling now?”
  ”Are you out there are not other dogs, and how smelling of flowers!”Where also cried out in pain just think of large flower Gou, even white face propped himself, Gou in Daqing who sniffed, his face immediately became Henli.
  Gou Daqing subconsciously shrink the shrink neck, “This is no time?What also cranky, where I have another dog, I’ll you this dog!”
  ”I dare you.”Gou big flower teeth and said:” If you are outside