.It is not no doubt encounter Zhou Yu, but this is not a suspect on suspicion that she is not a murderer, but about her identity.

  This question goes out from a hand-drawn map she began to reach its peak until he insists to find out when Han Fei Miao.
  Her work is too comprehensive, not only thoughtful, she seemed to fear everything that might occur, as if a person’s net worth hundreds of millions, not because they have bought a brand-name bag, the next day or need to worry about those days same.
  It is a pity ah.Wang Dayan looked eyes closed eyes of Zhou Yu in case of a heart, born from the subtle regret.
  He really liked each other, but the premise is that the other side really is an ordinary girl.
  Compared to him, the other two weeks in case of Yu’s perception is no longer so complicated.
  Zhou Zheng Qu seems to have a crush on her, it seems not, if only because she has to maintain a gentleman’s instinct.
  Most of the time, he looked out the window the rain scene in a daze, I do not know what to think.
  Yang Weijun has been trying to stand up, but tried several times and found not only useless, but the legs do some more pain.
  He did not dare move about, and can honestly sat back on the ground.
  Because they can not move, so he did not just blending into the dispute years, but have