by.In fact, Li Xuan heart still felt for his roommate and friend happy, after all, life encountered such setbacks can not depression, continued to maintain the enthusiasm for life, his heart is strong enough.

  The next weekend, the two had slept late, went down to the restaurant for lunch after getting up.After lunch, Lin Yu Hao dormitory study room to continue reading, and Li Xuan went to Professor Zhao teacher living quarters of the family come to visit.
  Professor Zhao full name is Zhao Weiming, deputy director of Zhongshan University Department of Electronic Engineering, the school opened its electronic circuits, semiconductor devices and semiconductor devices principles and techniques such as several courses.Li Xuan to attend school after him in several courses, so let Professor Zhao quickly noticed that he often appeared in his classroom arrangements unfamiliar faces.
  Zhao Weiming Electronic Engineering from the University of London, and later obtained a doctorate in Electrical Engineering from California Institute of Technology.After obtaining his doctorate, he entered the United States RCA Corporation engaged in the semiconductor circuit design.In mid-1974, when he received the University of London seniors, when Professor Ren Pinqing electrical engineering department head Kao Chinese University of Hong Kong, Chinese University of Hong Kong invited him to return to teach in the Department of Electronics.Professor Kao is known as the “Father of Fiber Optics”, Vice-Chancellor later, in mid-2009 Nobel Laureate in Physics.
  Li Xuan now is studying in large electronic computing professional research, but past life master, his college major is microelectronics, but also master’s degree in electrical engineering at Berkeley to study in the United States made after than computer programming, electronics is his line of work.
  After rebirth, Li Xuan after careful examination