~ ~ After I investigated a series of tests, wind sister is really an individual posted good good ah ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ I love How about you just now, I’m sorry ~ ~ ~ ~ “wink, sell a Moe.

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  Chen Jiayong ignorant to force a bit, and then silent death, this broken child!!!Insisted on sofa, little land seventy-one, “I have to be passed to coax you.”My family is really the most clever curious baby ah.Although such a test wind chimes rude, but it does test a number of problems, it seems completely withstood the pressure before the wind chimes and a thorough understanding of his family, their marriage, or to temporarily slow.Otherwise, hastily I got married, and my heart chimes kept the outsiders nonsense prejudice and fear, and family members were also not good to get along.
  Campanula the people are a little out of this hearty meticulous woman, set by the state, to get a little wood blankly, eyes actually filled with deep sharp.Lu seventy-one she picked up the basin is swept to the ground fruit “This can still eat, my grandfather always said to be frugal, aunt, we squeezed juice drink ~ ~ ~”
  ”.”When do you thrifty too.Others eat ranging from you, even if you left a single meal, you do not despise one is eating leftovers.
  Aunt Wang Chen also made in 2056, and the first was when I first came to this land to see Hong otherworldly mistress was almost scared to resign, and later went on to be the land seven