Male health points three points touched on the kidney strong fine

Male health points three points touched on the kidney strong fine, which points good for men。 There are many points in Chinese medicine men, spend a few minutes every day, long-term adherence can play a role in kidney yang。 Chinese medicine, the waist renal House, meaning that the waist is the home of the kidneys, in turn, kidney waist owner。
A kidney deficiency, lumbar pain will carry on, so, we must first kidney Belt。
However, how do kidney kidney health, there are two points can not fail to mention that the sea air and Guanyuan。 Rubbing ear Recommendation: ★★★★★ ear massage can regulate kidney function。 Rub rub heart auricle with both hands, and then rub the thumb and forefinger ear for 3 minutes, then alternating hands over the head to pull the upper portion 12 of side pinna?18 times。 Male health points three points touched twist waist Recommendation on kidney strong essence: ★★★★★ waist renal House, stimulate Shenshu and Vital Points can Zhuangyaojianshen。 The rub hands to cover bilateral Shenshu (under 2 inches apart adjacent lumbar spinous process) on, then Mingmen (waist, when the middle line, lumbar spine depression) and renal shu as the center, around the waist rubbing, rubbing up and down may be。