Yao Ji ceremony hand ready to knock his head, he hurriedly wedding ceremony held in front of Yao Ji shook, super strong desire to survive authentic: “brought to the band, and I always put on the record!”

  Yao Ji ceremony was flatter him a warm heart, into touch his head, “you ah, you say how I’m willing to let you go out alone.”
  Lin-sheng towards him look innocent wink.
  Yao Ji ceremony: “ID card, passport did not bring, life and stupid, so you can not get out even City.”
  ”what!!Correct!”Lin-sheng got busy, to find these documents on the table, looking for a long time could not find it, later found to be Yao Ji ceremony took pouch close up.
  Yao Ji ceremony opened the bag, “which is also filled bank card”
  At this time, Qing Ke wheat suddenly heard, “not with a bank card, oh, only with cash, how much cash As for the band, drawn by her husband’s decision.”
  Two puzzled look to her, “Extraction?”
  ”Yes.”Wheat assistant told the three printed” rest of his life have you “cardboard show signs of anti-handed before the ceremony Yao Ji,” printed above, different amounts are available, draw a bar.”
  Lin-sheng little nervous to see Yao Ji ceremony, while Yao Ji ceremony on his shoulder, “Do not worry, I’m lucky that people in general are better.”
  Intermediate between said pumping –