There is not much pressure on yourself to do business that last year owed more than three million came through, this year also earned hundreds of thousands, not to have the pressure, but they are the first jumping.”

  This thing Chen diving grew more and more wrong child, he suddenly think of the morning to see that scene Bi Ying.
  Bi Ying’ve ventured out half of your body in the attic window, as long as thirty centimeters outward again is enough to fall out of balance.
  Of course, that level may fall down dead people, but it will certainly hurt.
  Coupled with Bi Ying face today when things happen is unexplained, sudden heart Chen diving a terrible idea.
  ”This morning you’re in the bathroom to see the complete Ying, told her she had a reaction yet?”Chen asked suddenly diving.
  Su Qing somewhat puzzled: “There is no response, she did her head in the water, I thought she did not sleep well prepared to use extreme measures refreshing point it.”
  ”Wrong child.”Chen diving shook his head:” I have to come home!”
  Chen felt something unusual diving no longer sit still, if things are really like the way he wanted to, the consequences will be disastrous!
  Although Xiao Ye Yao ensures that they will not leave one minute Bi Ying, but if things really look like that Chen would like diving, leaves Xiao Yao is simply unable to control the Bi Ying.
  Su Ching Chen looked puzzled fish