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Chapter 118
  That day, Xin long time to go to driving school to take micro driver’s license, open the door followed by standing in the doorway of Xing twilight collision with the.
  ”You send cake to eat well, convenient to tell me where to buy it?”He reached out and helped her hand, eyes with laughter.
  Xin long micro-bright eyes light up: “Really?You are finished?”
  Xing twilight: “ah.”
  Xing have to say the twilight look very deceptive, Xin micro how long would not think he’d lied to her.
  ”If you like, I’ll take you to buy that place is a bit far away, you evidently do not often go out, to find a person does not know what time.”When speaking of her eyes she bent into a crescent, as he seems to be really able to eat normal and happy.
  Xing evening also followed laughed, his eyes from her naked.Exposed smooth slender arms, move to the next soft white dress slender legs, breathing tightened, and soon returned to normal.
  Two people were dressed to go out, Xin long micro helped myself parasol, Xing evening wear casual clothes, wearing a duck ink