Wen Liu Mu fish mention the TV drama, it feels like holding a National Treasure General.

  Although the program group gave huge bonuses and various incentives, but afraid of the poor mind made him even rent another province as a province.
  If not for the owner of the company is a bit far from the subway station, he may want to spare the bus last bus just to catch up, he really does not live in such a house near the city center.
  Fortunately sharing can always be cheaper.
  One flower celebration live in this desolate house is a little breath of life.
  Eighty level rooms include kitchen and balcony, originally a low-rent housing design.
  Mu Wen Liu to go home the first day, they found the house tattered wallpaper all were replaced, and the ground covered with Bohemian-style wool carpet, light foot up particularly comfortable.
  Next to the hood balcony was labeled Velcro put oil painting Starry Night is especially good-looking.
  The next day, when Liu Mu Wen home, home mangled furniture have all been replaced, and put a large bunch of golden tulips in full bloom.
  Gulp pot bubbling stew of chicken soup Dictyophora, youth being quickly cut the Nenou, chopper sounds like light rain general.
  On the third day, even the security doors have been replaced with fingerprint lock, fouling dim chandeliers all been replaced, the night also reflected countless constellations drift