She also Consciousness?”Yu Ze asked.

  ”.No.”Donna look to the night of the tree:” The rest is just a monster had been born magnolia tree.”
  Yu Ze silence, looking at the trees, his eyes flashed a hint of sadness.
  ”You say hello to her.”Donna said:” Like last time.”
  Encouraged by Donna, Yu Chak handle slowly put stout trunk trees.
  ”.happy New Year.”He whispered..
  Nothing happened.
  When he was about to hand back of a white magnolia flower floating down from the sky, and slowly fell to his palm.
  Yu Ze looked over at her.
  She cast her own hands, and confidently looked at him: “I did not.”
  She looked as unusual tree, said: “Maybe after this tree will be born a demon it.”
  Yu Ze smiled, took her hand and said: “.go.”
  After they turned and saw standing not far from Yu Pei.
  Yu Pei smiled at him and said: “Brother, we talk about.”
  Yu Ze look to Donna: “You go door waiting for me.”
  Donna glanced at Yu Pei, moved toward the door.
  Donna looked at the figure disappeared in the door, Yu Chak cold look to Yu Pei: “What?”
  ”You really do not play