Do not know how long, are hanging out of the window of the moon, the cold moonlight come in, Wu Tao was full of surprise through the window illuminated by light chiffon cover the passage of time so fast.

Wu Tao woke up and subconsciously looked up at the bell on the wall above the pointer points to honest ten at night, I do not know in which I do not know, actually I had five or six hours!

A deep sigh, Wu Tao Shen tired and North Star: “The less heavy, you see the days are so late, do not know when they wake up, so be it, I’ll get something to eat something, Compare people are iron rice is steel, the two of us gotta get something to eat, they are not will fall.”

Shen North Star at this time and in no mood to eat, but said Wu Tao is also very reasonable, he nodded consent.

And when Wu Tao got up, he has been lying on the couch Ann Wei Zhen suddenly opened his eyes!

In Zhou Zhou, at the same time have been subjected to fire clear of the mid-air, the flames convergence spotless, revealing the scene, let Wu Tao stared dismay.

“Andy!”Shen Beichen some gaffe exclaimed, looking at the road he regained consciousness Wei Zhen security, could not help but concern:” okay?Where else uncomfortable?Want to go to the hospital to see?”