You go out, or I’ll call security.”

  Cao did not reveal 破罐子破摔 repair or Leaky Cauldron Shen smoked expression.
  Instead, evil laugh, made a few phone out information out, faint.
  ”Mo Yu heart, do you really think my hands without you handle the?”
  ”Do you remember it, before we Cao Mo two, because the last generation who befriend each other so are left under one percent of the shares in each other’s shares.”
  ”In other words, you Mo all industries, there is one per cent of the shares I Cao.”
  Mo Yu heart indifferent smile, “so what?I Mo industry together around Long province, in addition to my company there are several, you that one percent of the shares, what can explain?”
  Mo Yu heart is not really understand, to date, it said Cao Xiu, then what is the point of this.
  However, Cao Xiu is a sneer.
  ”Yu heart, I think you do not have to figure out, although one per cent of the shares not afford to lift the storm, but I can compulsorily acquire the shares you Mo, I will ask you lose all rights Mo.”
  Mo Yu heart first stunned for a few seconds, then a faint laugh.
  ”Cao Xiu, you are too naive, alone,