Her eyes have changed, cautiously, lest she think back to some of the less good thing.

After all, into the House on a Chunxiao not to be seen, do not fight do not rob submissive temper, more or less, there are people who offend her, especially flowing color, see Chunxiao, and that is how far to hide how far fear now hit on the Chunxiao, she was severely revenge.
Can Chunxiao is looked straight ahead, right when see this strange atmosphere of the yard in general, straight through from hospital.
I do not know there are angry or not angry.
It makes my heart more and more aimless.
Sun steward at the old lady just came out, he has those two new tune into the House of girl properly, and sent to serve in the old lady’s house, came out, he was greeted Chunxiao: “Sun steward.”
Sun steward laughed: “Early Spring?Now promoted to personal maidservants great lady around, be soaring, and so this happy occasion, I have not had time to congratulate it, what is it you?”
“Sun steward joking, but I was a little big stick Mrs. blessing, what a lot of money, and today I took out a big lady’s orders to