Patients with kidney stones can not eat what you teach kidney stones diet

What patients can not eat kidney stones is a very common disease, I believe many people should know the seriousness of it, so it's important to the diet, so patients with kidney stones can not eat and what to go and see small series!What patients with kidney stones in patients with kidney stones can not eat in the diet of many taboos, there are some foods that absolutely can not eat, eat once the consequences are very serious, but who can not eat the food must understand as patients with kidney stones so that we can do preventive work。
First, oxalic acid food experts advise patients in normal life should try to eat some of the foods that contain oxalic acid, otherwise it will lead to kidney burden equally serious impact on the treatment of kidney stones and recovery。
In particular, some patients with more serious symptoms, contain oxalic acid foods should pay more attention to avoid eating in order to effectively control the disease。
Life rich in oxalic acid foods are many, such as spinach, celery, wild rice, lettuce, etc. These foods for patients with kidney stones is undoubtedly the straw, the patient must be careful eating in your everyday life。 In addition patients usually have to pay special attention to the fact of life, and that is to try not to eat beans, beets, celery, green pepper, parsley and other food, such food can also cause kidney stones exacerbations。
Second, the taboo of fruit patients with kidney stones can not eat the fruit which is a lot of people in normal life are very like to eat food, regular consumption of fruits can not only help us to effectively add a lot of moisture, which contained the same time, inorganic salts, minerals and other nutrients are also very beneficial for our body。
These nutrients can help us effectively enhance disease resistance, and thus play a role in disease prevention。 However, patients with kidney stones should be noted that not all fruits are suitable for consumption, such as some fruits contain oxalic acid can not eat, like, dry, stone, etc.。