【300 yuan】

  Yao Ji ceremony pumping the pumping mouth, “”
  Lin survivors holding the last hope, to see the wheat, “300 dollars a day it?”
  Wheat coldly broke his fantasy, “three days a total of 300 yuan.”
  Lin-sheng not willing to ask, “I am not the worst of it should?”
  Wheat: “No, you are, Zhou Yi Lan pumping three thousand dollars, smoked ignorant teacher to ten thousand.”
  Yao Ji ceremony: “”
  Yao Ji Lin-sheng hammer ceremony arms, “ah ah ah ah ah ah you this stinking hands!!”
  Yao Ji ceremony on the nanny car program group, Lin personally send students to the airport.
  On the road, Lin-sheng told: “no matter how busy, three meals a day must be put in place, nutrition should be balanced, although I am in row program, might not be able to eat on time staring at you, but I have told my informant, let him keep an eye on you..”
  Yao Ji ceremony over his forehead, “An assistant now also a part-time informers.”What did he think,” I bought you something insect repellent, remember when out shooting put a little.”
  Lin students think the next three days to travel, his face looking forward to, after all, he has always been the work is being shot eight children, and holds many lessons was able to play while you work, it is too new a.
  He looked at Yao Ji ceremony, joked, “I heard that there are many Xiamen