Yue: “how do you?What happened yet?”

  But now Chen diving too late to explain, he would run out in a hurry, immediately after the Su Qing asked: “I do not need help?”
  Just turn around and Chen was about to speak when diving, but few people came up to him one stopped, thought it was Su Qing in for questioning and he wants to escape it.
  ”Let him go.”Su Ching Chen rushed to help rescue diving.
  If it is timely to remind her, I am afraid that Chen diving stop these guys really are in trouble.
  ”While telephone contact!”Su Ching Chen diving throw a word quickly drove away.
  Several police officers and some looked puzzled Su Qing, Su Ching snappily said: “See what see!Hurry to do something!”
  Chen diving back home, when there came the faint shouts of leaves Xiao Yao, because good sound insulation, so things are falling sound cover your.
  Fortunately, Chen diving back in time, otherwise things really are dangerous!
  Just after they leave work soon, Bi Ying started to get wrong child, many times in a trance in to make a dangerous move, then even picked up the knife!
  Ye Xiao Yao this time realized that the wrong child, she wanted to call to report no chance, Bi Ying knife will self-mutilation, she could only Guzhe to stop her, which also call Kung Fu ah!
  Originally Ye Xiao Yao would like to control