ctory, a craft learned, all those who live workshop, put it plainly, he was compared to other workers, except for outside literacy, there is not the slightest advantage, so it was removed in the factory yard a few come and go, no less than save some money the first year, he did not even return home money is borrowed, and the family did not dare to say, the second year, he was深圳桑拿网 introduced to fellow, I went to a new job, learn some kung fu brick.

  The head coach will have to do an apprenticeship, then followed his master thoroughgoing, original body quite honest, speed is not slow to learn fast, shortly after the apprenticeship, they go out QUICKER, QUICKER it may, from time to time is always to be drawn into, furthermore also what encountered picky, do not give money to the customer, throughout the year, not much at all to save money.
  Far back home and Tangzhao Di Wu Guizhi, after having heard all this, he also began at home, back to back ten years ago, had played a thrifty day, two women are hardworking people, their idea is simple , what the poor can not be poor Peizi Hao.
  So Pei Xiaoping they had played, always keep at home, look after younger brother, delicious any priority to his brother, his brother do广州桑拿网minated everything to the day, she go to school, also delayed for a few years, for the simple reason, my mother and my grandmother she go to school too early, no one at home to take care of his brother, until she was nine, only to the school, the results neither good nor bad, she barely on the new moon, he was coaxed back home, told her to work outside the home.
  In fact, when the original body on the outside has been able to work independently, more or less, come back a little money every month exchange, and Tangzhao Di Wu Guizhi may also have their own calculations, one of the original work itself out, is no guarantee of , if old, you have to go home, when doing nothing does not move, not money going out of the event.Second, the grandson of a big total to marry