ing flies, like a wink, time passed, every time back, Pei Xiaoping have found his brother too big, she under her mother and grandmother requirements, just go back, we will give a brother with shoes, clothes, care deeply ab北京夜网out is every day at home, at the same time, the outside world more exciting, she rented in a factory outside the bookstore, read a lot of book, she likes literature, like thinking, can not but have a high cultural level, each reading, to have a dictionary to understand the meaning of their own, often irrelevant南宁夜网.

  Then again, Pei Zaihao college, he did very well, specially the village pull the banner celebration, mother and grandmother do not know what changed out of money, and gave his brother opened the field of water feast, thanks to the county teacher after college , it also spends brother’s a lot more commonly used mobile phones to communicate with him when Pei Xiaoping, From time to time, the gave him some money to purchase clothes point, concerned about all aspects of his life.
  Then, Pei Xiaoping love, she liked a factory accountant, the other is a college student, courtly, accounts to date, fast and high accuracy, she dared not chase people, but perhaps too obvious Man, actually was discovered about each other, the two came together, her courage, with lovers back to the village, is experiencing the holidays from college back his b苏州桑拿网rother, the other side is also followed by a girl, tall, beautiful, frowning, Qiazhao nose, do not like the taste strange village.
  Pei Xiaoping thought, my parents and my grandmother would agree, but did not think, after a while they discuss his request, the bride price they want one hundred thousand – this is the number of sister home to, which have a big opening, direct scared her lover , the other family in general, to support a university student, has been paid for, he persuaded her parents to persuade, but to hear Pei Xiaoping firm voice:
  ”You have to understand what our family was poor, and now my brother f