ly send things to stuff and West, to the bamboo forest, Yunfang suddenly asked her to sugar, she thought Yunfang would like to own them to Xiao Ming, put the sugar all to th杭州桑拿e Yunfang.

  But I do not want, Yunfang not bear out.
  ”Dongdong, aunt tomorrow bring you candy ah.”Said this time, Li Xuemei look a little bad, look to Xue Huahua,” My mother fear Xiaoming enough to eat, aunt, you do not care about her, I bought sugar to eat the West and East, I spent money until I go home to find her to get it back.”
  Ways of the world, she and Lu Ming said many times, Yunfang myself selfish Do not drag them down, let the good relationship she had alienated, Lu Ming promised to look for opportunities with Yunfang say, how to say no with the results, Liu Yunfang is stingy , into just know I do not know tells, like the others, holding her for her like.
  Xue Flower smiled, “you people I do not know what her mother?Decades of hard work, mind is not bad, you can not argue with her about it back home, Luo educated youth s上海夜网ent last sugar at home there, I’m afraid the stuff they have bad teeth, deliberately do not give them to eat, you Do not try more.”Yunfang food protection, there is delicious first thought to Bob, the other person is a matter of Yunfang.
  Look in the eyes of outsiders may be a bit stingy, but people own thing深圳桑拿网s, mutual affection is for you to eat, you eat is not to duty, there was nothing to care about.
  In contrast, the stuff there is something wrong place, people eat, you ran eagerly looking to do, this bad habit.
  At work, Lu Hongying they have not come back, raised the educated youth room chimney smoke curl, storage room is also getting off work, and found the road Xue Huahua, have inquired Lu Hongying their situation, “Flower ah, I see Choi and Chi Hongying no problem, they teach you out, then the difference will not much difference.”
  Xue Huahua times and dealing with more people from the bottom of my heart admire Xue Flower competent, son and daughter insane bef