nt to take the time, let Lu Hongying when the class teacher, Lu Hongying temper Zeyang class people are seen, I believe she did not dare to offend.

  That is tru深圳桑拿按摩e, Lu Hongying is Lu Jianxun third sister, Lu Jianxun so powerful people are afraid to fight back, not to mention that they, together with Liu Bao said the production team love the thing, so that students are more afraid of Lu Hongying, and fear to which extent it?Morning to the classroom, regardless bell did not ring a bell, do not dare tofu, pulled out a textbook endorsement honestly, I heard a loud sound than heard, loud and clear to Lu Hongying just entered the campus gates to hear the kind of.
  In Lu Hongying great pressure monitoring, a class does not want to learn is immune.
  Including Liu Dabao are lazy and do not dare to write homework, Lu Hongying teach the language, Li Xuemei teach mathematics, he dare not doing their homework, they would complain to the way the way home he bother to learn, you know, he was soon a May did not深圳桑拿 take people played with tofu, so I really do not have time ah, Sun teacher when he did not listen carefully, do not write a lot of homework, did not dare to copy other people, he had the cheek to ask Lu Jianxun, in addition to the answer, but also to understand how to answer, and Lu Hongying said, to spot checks homework every day, be deemed not answer did not write, he was too busy to have a big head.
  Lu Jianxun also annoyed, pointing to the sentences of two words, “create, you’ll sentence it?”
  Liu Bao shook his head, “No.”
  ”Liu Dabao, your mind filled with rubbish, ah, will not create sentences?Before school you went to sleep ah.”
  Liu Bao open-minded corrected him, “I did not sleep, play it tofu, tetra land, you tell me, how to create sentences ah?”
  Lu Jianxun took a deep breath, and so do not want to talk to Liu Dabao, to date, considered to understand why he often called them stupid Xue Huahua, and Liu Po in his eyes at the moment is a fool, will not create sentences,