he thought, “hard-working Chinese people have created a rich and colorful history.”

  More than a simple sentence, Liu Bao ye do not teach?
  ”Wait, tetra land, you speak slowly, hard-working ground how to write ah, we do not seem to learn.”Liu Bao open vocabulary last few pages of summary, it seems there is no hard-working ground, ‘Well, 北京夜网I write the alphabet, right, how to write brilliant rotten.’
  Lu JianLike it?”
  The other smiled, turned and left, never to return, Pei Xiaoping home, ushered in the family is disappointed sigh, her shame, she had to find workers to borrow money, first helped the family when it finally managed to successfully marry the brother she then returned to the factory to continue working, she heard resigned lover, fellow and a girl to be married, changed the factory thoroughgoing, she did not speak.
  The world is wide, although she worked in the factory yard, many can see, the factory workers come and go, she heard the words, more and more different, there are points with a stubborn little girl, she wore mouth, he said his brother cares what I do?They want patriarchal, do not call me that in the future pension.There are also older sis杭州桑拿洗浴ter, frown, said his brother debt, she also helped, scattered downtown home.
  Her little world, has been a huge impact all know from childhood, and she sees is not the same.
  Had some girls after birth, has been suffering parents favor.
  Some homes had no male, also alright, do not feel suppressed.
  It is not every girl must p佛山桑拿网ut all of his life, all the dedication.
  original.She not only loved, but her loved ones, more in love with his brother.
  At work, Pei Xiaoping body suddenly felt very ill, the poor are not a doctor – although the house is not too poor, but she was poor, she almost did not give myself a little savings, she heard the workers say, to the hospital , linked to a number necessary to dozens, let alone prescribe, the film, she chose to plant in front of the pharmacy, said that the said symptoms, t