hen in accordance with都市兔兔体验网 the requirements of pharmacy prescription home, not comfortable and more serious symptoms, she finally had less to live, to the hospital, the hospital said she was, what is thyroid cancer, she did not understand, only know that without treatment will die, spend a lot of money.

  She did not go home to answer the pho深圳桑拿网ne, they received the mother’s phone, the phone right cadence mother, beaming: “Xiao-ping, you have a younger brother’s wife!You ask the Sin milk, she said to be a man!You that there is no money, come back RBI, sister to buy you food nutrition!”
  Silently she spoke up: “Mom, the last time my brother got married, I borrowed some money now is not helping?I would also like to call back the money all these years, can you give me, I Useful.”
  She has not finished, it is to usher in a scolding mother scold the grandmother, who said she was ungrateful, not his brother seriously, do not point my sister’s feelings.In short, there is no money, there is curse.
  Pei Xiaoping thought for a long time, did not call back, she wanted to tell their parents, she was ill, can be more of a doubt, she always felt, even if she said she was ill, can not 杭州桑拿洗浴get the money, if her life, less than the sister of these payments, this life what she considered it?
  But she did not know how sick it, there will be such a pain, no money to the hospital, not even the teeth have put in the past, she has always been timid and well-behaved, on the roof, jumped down, leaving only a small book, not with neat handwriting, finished her life.
  ”My life, like duckweed, the wind on the back, no root.”-” duckweed ”
  Pei family when police received the news that his daughter was sick, Tangzhao Di piercing cry, clutching the original body, she said: “She does not say how?You say you have to cure it!How she was so silly?”
  Original body and his wife went to her daughter received a corpse, after reading the book, “duckweed”, he suddenly understood, where is it silly daughter?Everything